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Flees at
Primary Attack
Sword (T1/TG)
2 to 6
Secondary Attack
Hammer (T2)

Very Fast
armed with hammer or sword
  • Undead creature
  • Haunts are one of the the fastest enemies in the game, tied with Assassins
  • Eye Minions - the 3 Haunts in the haunted cathedral, in the hall with The Eye gemstone are its guardians and are bound to it. They will all emit red smoke once they are alerted.
Appears in
Model name (DromEd/T3Ed)
exphamz4 (T1), haunt01 (T2)
Join us, Join us, JOIN US NOW!

Hammer Haunts are dead Hammerites with skeletal bodies, carrying a sword or a hammer in their hand.

It is possible that the reanimation of the bodies of Hammerites is connected to ancient Hammerite magic that binds the soul of the individual to his vows for eternity and rises when his resting place is desecrated or the order has been dishonored, but the exact cause is not well understood. Brother Murus states that haunts are merely a reanimation of the dead and not the souls of his brethren.[1] It is difficult to say whether or not Murus is correct, as even in death his mind is addled.[2]

Sometimes, when a dead Hammer's soul cannot find peace, it will take the form of a non-aggressive apparition instead, such as in the case of Brother Murus. Haunts show a greater degree of consciousness than Zombies or other creatures like Burricks. They speak in ghostly tongues and one can even interpret their words. Unlike the Zombies, they are fast, agile and smart. They have retained the strength and prowess of the fallen Hammerite warriors and prove to be a difficult foe. They can often be found in groups, which poses a great threat, as Haunts are masters of melee combat.


Thief II: The Metal Age Haunt armed with a hammer

The general problem with Haunts is their battle skills. They move stunningly fast and it is impossible to outrun them. The frightening sounds they make, often disturbing echoing laughter, whispering, and callings to Garrett to "join us" are particularly unnerving. Once they reach their target, they begin mercilessly attacking with their weapons. Their attacking speed is tremendous and even though they cause normal sword damage, they can land 2-3 strikes in a second. They are extremely dangerous in groups.

When Haunts are alerted they become very difficult to defeat, so they are best slain using stealthier methods. The most exploitable weakness of the Haunt is its vulnerability to backstabbing. It not only allows a Haunt to be killed instantly, but also frees up other undead fighting equipment, which is very precious in haunted areas. The same tools that can dispose of all undead can be applied to Haunts, but Explosive Mines and Fire Arrows are most recommended. Holy Water Arrows are not that effective since it takes many shots to kill the Haunt. Haunts are very sensitive and alert by nature, so sometimes they may discover Garrett even when he is at a distance in the shadows.

The best place to be when engaging a Haunt is either behind him or on inaccessible higher ground.

Keep the following in mind when attacking haunts:

  • Backstab - Kills a Haunt with one swing.
  • Sword - 3 full charges will kill them, though it will still be difficult. (Beware, do not attack more than 2 haunts with sword.)
  • Broadhead Arrow - 15 (Possible from inaccessible areas, or where there is only 1 haunt, and is attacked from a dark, concealed area.)
  • Holy Water Arrow – Takes around 3 holy arrows to kill a Haunt.
  • Fire Arrows – 2 direct shots; 1 with a chance, when unalerted.
  • Flash Bombs– It may take from 2 to 6 flash bombs to kill a Haunt depending on its distance (if thrown close enough to the haunt, it dies from 2 flash bombs - not depending on its awareness.)
  • Mines – Capable of killing more than one Haunt.
  • Holy Water Flask (Thief: Deadly Shadows only) – Takes one direct hit to kill a haunt, or it can block his path if it is spilled on the ground.
  • Blackjack- All undead enemies cannot be knocked out. Although they can be bludgeoned to re-death, this is very unwise.


Thief: The Dark Project/Thief Gold

Thief II: The Metal Age

Thief: Deadly Shadows


  1. murus: MURHAU1 These haunts who inhabit the bodies of my brethren--they must all be killed.
  2. TG Sound Folder: murus MURA0MU4: Sometimes I worry that I've been trapped here for so long it makes it hard to think clearly.