The Hammer Temple is one of the Hammerites' strongholds in The City and the main residence of the High Priest. It is located in the Downtowne quarter and is particularly heavily guarded. The high density of Hammerite warriors, apprentices and priests, and the regular works concerning the order, that are taking place inside the temple, assure that it is being crowded with activity almost all the time. For this reason, Garrett chose to infiltrate the compound disguised as a novice, rather than rely on his excellent sneaking skills.[1] The temple has a very strict policy on trespassing and security has been increased due to a recent incident in Cragscleft Prison.[2]


The building was constructed on the site of an underground Trickster temple, which had been reconsecrated and used as a stronghold in case of attack. Most of the Pagan icons have been covered or removed, but the four elemental chambers and the ancient living area remain. The only access to the winding caverns was hidden beneath the altar in the main chapel.

After the incident in Old Quarter, the Order of the Hammer took the responsibility of guarding the Talisman of Air (and the Talisman of Earth in TDP). They chose the Temple for this task and stored it in a special chamber.[3] The talisman is guarded by an elaborate security system which can only be disabled with 5 switches hidden in several locations throughout the temple.[4]

Upon gaining possession of The Eye, Constantine began a devastating siege upon the temple. The Hammerites inside were able to escape via the secret passage under the altar and barricade themselves in a fortified room. Unfortunately, their High Priest was kidnapped and many were slain in the turmoil.


The Temple consists of 4 levels - 2 above the ground and 2 below. The top level holds the entrance gate; it also has barracks, a library, a reliquary and a chapel. The lower level consists of the priests and novices quarters, a graveyard, a garden and other everyday life premises like a sparing room, a kitchen and storage rooms. The first underground level is used as a standard basement consisting of storage rooms, as well as the inquisitor's apartment. Below the basement are the catacomb where the Hammers of old lie in peace.

Areas that are restricted to Hammerite Novices are marked by an inverted red hammer.


  • One of the broken windows in Strange Bedfellows has a small wedge of the original pane floating in the air and many of the fallen statues are suspended off the ground.
  • The catacombs in Undercover overlap a large portion of the underground caverns.
  • Even if the outside guard is dead, he will still call out to open the gate when Garrett presents his credentials.


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