TDS garrett hammerite blessing

Garrett's Hammer Blessing ability logo in Deadly Shadows

This gives Garrett the power to destroy the otherwise invulnerable Rust Mites with Broadhead Arrows. Rust Mites cause damage to Hammerite constructs by either eating or boring through metal.


  • T3 only, after reading Drept's note in the library of the Keeper Compound.

Stealth Bonus:

Areas they can be found:

  • Rust Mites can be found in various areas of the city. In South Quarter, there's one at the fountain plaza, one at the gate to Stonemarket, one at the gate to the Docks. In Stonemarket, there's one at the stairs in Terce's Courtyard, there's one in the hallway with fence Bertha and the shop.
  • Undead can be found on the Abysmal Gale in the Docks.

Maximum amount in inventory:

  • 1 (sufficient for constant use)
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