Lieutenant Hagen
First Introduced
T2 B04 05

The only picture of Lt. Hagen in all of the Thief Lexicon.

Lieutenant Hagen was Sheriff Truart's number two man, right behind Lt. Mosley. He was as sadistic and cruel as the Sheriff, and rather nauseatingly sycophantic. However, unlike Truart, Hagen does not appear to be corrupt, but rather follows a code of blind obedience to his superiors. In his journal, he expresses annoyance that Mosley questions Truart's campaign against the Pagans, writing that "We are not supposed to think, we are supposed to follow." Hagen believed that Truart would bring a new age to the City and, he would even arrest his own family if the Sheriff willed it.[1]. The Lieutenant was in conflict with the Warden Affairs Division and suspected them for stealing evidence storage items and protecting some of the City Wardens, but had no real evidence of the matter.[2][3][4] The Sheriff had considered putting Hagen in control of mopping up the Pagan threat in The City, if Mosley did not shape up.[5][6]

Garrett was hired to frame Hagen for theft of evidence at Shoalsgate Station by either Viktoria or Mosley, although he did not know it at the time.[7]

Journals and LettersEdit


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