Greidus was the high priest of St. Edgar's Church, also referred to as 'MasterForger'.[1] He has served for around twenty years, teaching new initiates, which often involves corporal punishment.[2]. For this, he was presented with a jewelled Cat O' Nine Tails.

Part of the ritual on St. Edgar's eve was to get a blessing from him.[3] This could be done by ringing the chapel bell to summon him from his quarters.

As the High Priest of the Church, he was also in charge of keeping the key to the Builder's Chalice safe.

He summoned other MasterForger's to the area, to engage in a controversial act; to drink from the Builder's Chalice. Last done fifty years earlier, it lead to the death of MasterForger Alebus.[4] However, Garrett stole the Chalice before he was able to, and Father Debole believed that The Builder was punishing him for believing himself greater than the work done in The Builder's name.[5]


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