Lord Bram Gervaisius
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Bram G., Gervasius
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Lord Bram Gervaisius was a nobleman and a collector of rare artifacts, particularly of headdresses and masks. He lived in a large mansion on the edge of The City, said to be one of the finest in the city,[1] and he had a summer home elsewhere where he stored the majority of his collection.

Garrett first learned of Gervaisius's interest in ancient masks when he purchased a note Gervaisius had written for Sangar, telling him of his interest in the headwear of The Lost City.[2]

Relationship with the MechanistsEdit

A while before Garrett first visited the Gervaisius estate, Lord Gervaisius had begun plans for an art exhibition at the estate. This exhibition coincided with the Mechanists' search of the KD Site for precursor masks to use with their Masked Servants. When Karras learned of this exhibition and of the mask collection, he became interested in acquiring any precursor masks in Lord Gervaisius's possession. To this end, the Mechanists supplied Gervaisius with several security devices as gifts, hoping to curry favour with him. Karras himself corresponded with Gervaisius and offered him more Mechanist gifts as well as a rare painting by Durant that Gervaisius had had trouble in acquiring, in exchange for the masks.[3] Despite several such overtures of good faith, it was clear that Karras was planning to kill Gervaisius with rust gas, as several masked servants had been delivered to the Gervaisius estate.

Previously, he was invited to the Mechanists' Party at Angelwatch, to receive a masked servant.[4]

At least one member of Gervaisius's staff, namely Phyleas Crowell, quit working for him because she was displeased with his close relationship with the Mechanists.[5]

Personal lifeEdit

Lord Gervaisius was good friends with Lord Bafford, and they often went hunting together[6] and attended other events and functions, such as the Summer Solstice Soiree.[7] Lord Bafford once sold Lord Gervaisius an immitation painting by Durant, claiming it was genuine, something which bothered Gervaisius greatly even though he knew it had been done only as a prank.[8]

During the summer before Garrett visited his estate to steal precursor masks, Lord Gervaisius spent three weeks at his summer home. During his time there, Gervaisius attended the Summer Solstice Soiree.[9] At the soiree he was introduced by Lord Bafford to one Lady Carina Veloden, with whom he was extremely taken.[10]

Gervaisius was fond of wine, such as Throvian summer wine,[11] as well as Illyrian tea and scones.[12] He was fond of the artists Lizotte[13] and Durant. He also enjoyed hunting, and had taken trips to the northern and western territories for this purpose.[14]

Gervaisius had most of his plants moved to indoor terrariums, perhaps due to influence from the Mechanists. He insisted that these terrariums be kept in top shape because he believed Lady Veloden was fond of them.[15]


The following people worked at the Gervaisius estate at some point:

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