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What is locked... can be opened...
What is hidden... can be found...
What is yours...

...can be mine.
  — Garrett, Thief: Deadly Shadows Official Trailer

Garrett is the protagonist of the Thief games - a cynical master thief who wishes nothing more than to be left alone to steal in peace, but who unwittingly becomes embroiled in a series of epic events.


Garrett exhibits a strong sense of survival and self-interest. While on the surface Garrett is callous, cynical and sarcastic, with loyalty only to himself, he does seem to have deeper feelings for a few of his contacts: Artemus, the Keeper that recruited and trained him; Basso the Boxman, a fellow thief; Cutty, his fence. In extreme cases this seems to extend to even to past antagonists such as Viktoria, although that may be a result of Garrett's own self-interest.

Garrett also exhibits a strong sense of professional pride as a thief: he usually refuses to kill while on the job, saying that he's a thief, not a murderer,[1] though Constantine and Karras died as a result of Garret's actions only because he was able to sabotage their evil plans. Lotus was a mercy killing, as he begged for death due to the inhumane conditions that Garrett found him in. Other than that, Garrett has not killed any humans in the Thief canon. It is implied Garrett also never steals from his allies or the poor.[Fact Check]

Early life[]

Orphaned, Garrett spent his youth on the streets surviving as a pickpocket and message runner.

One night, he saw Artemus walking on the street as people, 'just passed him by like he wasn't there'. Thinking the man had some valuables, he decided to make a grab. However, he was caught, and Artemus, impressed with his ability to see a Keeper, offered Garrett a new life. Garrett was then recruited into a secret organization known as the Keepers, dedicated to observing and maintaining stability in The City.[2]

Not much is known about Garrett's education with The Keepers, except the fact that he was given initial training in the arts of stealth and subterfuge practiced by the Keepers. But, he found that it was much more profitable to make use of these skills as a thief than to continue working for the Keepers as an agent.[3] He was called "the most promising acolyte" in the Keeper annals, but left around the age of 20 due to his "imbalance." It was brought before the council to deal with him using the Enforcers, but Caduca informed the council that Garrett would be needed in the future.[4]

Prior To The Dark Project[]

At some point in time, Garrett is now working as an independent thief in The City, making contacts with people such as Basso the Boxman, Cutty and Farkus Bernard. Garrett's first known large score comes from stealing an expensive scepter from Lord Bafford. After which, he breaks into the Hammerite prison to spring his fence, Cutty (who dies while still in prison). This leads him deep into the old Hammerite catacombs looking for treasure. Shortly after this thugs working for the local Warden, Ramirez,

TG B06 01

Viktoria and Constantine

attempt to kill Garrett for non payment of tribute. Garrett turns the tables, escaping and going on to humiliate Ramirez by looting his mansion, even going on to rob the local thieves guild. This brazen display of skill attracts the attention of Viktoria, a somewhat mysterious independent fence. She contracts Garrett to steal a magical sword from the eccentric nobleman, Constantine.

TG CS06 07

Garrett listens to Constantine's proposal.

Upon successfully returning from Constantine's bizarre mansion, Viktoria reveals that she and Constantine are old associates who were testing Garrett. Constantine offers Garrett a fortune for the job of retrieving the gemstone known as The Eye. Getting to The Eye means Garrett must venture through the abandoned and walled-off Old Quarter of the City to the old Hammerite Cathedral. A mysterious catastrophe, rumored to involve great fires and many undead, caused the area's abandonment decades ago. Garrett finds the cathedral sealed, but the Eye itself tells him of an old Keeper library hidden nearby. Writings there tell of where the talismans that open the cathedral are hidden and how the Keepers almost revealed themselves in order to assist the Hammerites and the Hand Mages in containing a great evil. The first talisman was found in a place called The Lost City, the ruins of an ancient civilization buried beneath the existing city, its entrance hidden by the Keepers. To get the second talisman, Garrett enters a Hammerite temple in disguise. The third talisman was kept with a brotherhood of Mages. The fourth lay inside Keeper secured caverns. Unbeknownst to Garrett, the Talisman was recovered by the guards of the Opera House above the caves. Successful, he then returns to the cathedral and collects The Eye from amid the many undead, escaping with the help from the ghost of Brother Murus, a long dead Hammerite priest.

Betrayal and The Dark Project[]

Garrett visits Constantine to hand over The Eye and collect his payment. Instead of paying, however, Constantine reveals himself to be the fabled Trickster (aka The Woodsie Lord), the entity worshiped by the Pagans, and Viktoria, his consort.

TG CS11 09

Viktoria and Constantine reveal their true colors.

They bind Garrett in vines and Viktoria plucks out one of his eyes, using it to seemingly activate The Eye stone, and leave him for dead. Some time later two Keepers find and free the unconscious Garrett from the vines. The Keepers then leave Garrett to escape by himself through the caverns beneath Constantine's mansion and amongst some new and strange beasts. Once he reaches the surface Garrett decides the only thing to do is visit the Hammerites and tell them about what has happened in the hopes they would provide assistance. He heads for the temple but discovers that the Trickster's minions have gotten there first. Venturing inside he finds the remaining Hammerites in a hidden sanctuary down in an underground cavern. With stealth being the only hope against the Trickster's army, the Hammerites provide Garrett with a booby-trapped copy of The Eye. Garrett descends into the Trickster's realm, where he finds the Woodsie Lord performing a ceremony with the Eye. Garrett stealthily swaps the Eye for its trapped copy, which then explodes, thus striking down the Trickster as he attempts to finish the ritual.

Dawning of The Metal Age[]

TG CS14 06

Artemus and Garrett chat

The coda shows Garrett walking back to town alone through the snow. Life appears to be returning to normal. A Keeper approaches, Artemus. The two converse and The Keeper warns Garrett, telling him of a book he should read, and that he can't run away from life. Close observation reveals Garrett now has a mechanical eye. Garrett rejects the Keeper's 'help' in his life and says to tell the other Keepers that "I'm through. Tell them Garrett is done". He then walks away into the city streets. Artemus answers quietly "I will tell them this: Nothing is changed. All is as it was written. The Trickster is dead. Beware the dawn of the metal age.", foreshadowing the sequel, Thief II: The Metal Age.

The Metal Age[]

Garrett's role in The Metal Age begins innocuously. Garrett provides a favor to an old acquaintance, Basso, helping him rescue his love Jenivere, so that he may retire from thievery and elope. Next Garrett breaks into the dockside warehouses to get some extra cash for rent. It soon becomes clear that the City Watch, lead by the zealous Sheriff Gorman Truart, is waging a war on crime, brutally persecuting thieves and conducting nighttime raids on the poor neighborhoods with the intent of rounding up criminals. Truart stages a sting operation in an attempt to assassinate Garrett, but he escapes by using a Flash Bomb. With the newly strengthened police force making burglary more difficult, Garrett begins to wage a personal war against Truart, attempting to blackmail him into loosening his grip on the City by exposing his corruption. In the process, Garrett acquaints himself with the Mechanist Order, a splinter faction of the weakening Hammerites led by the charismatic Karras, whose robotic security devices have begun to guard the City's wealthiest businesses and residences. In addition, he discovers that the Mechanists are manufacturing some sort of weaponized "Servant," made from a human body and emitting a substance known as Rust Gas, and that Truart has agreed to round up vagrants under false pretenses to be used for the project.

When Garrett confronts Truart, he finds that Truart has been slain by a strange creature. Trying to unravel the conspiracy, Garrett reunites with Viktoria deep in the Maw. Viktoria identifies the Mechanists as the true enemy, and the two form a tentative alliance. The combined skills of Viktoria's pagan operatives and Garrett's stealth abilities reveal that the Mechanists are gifting the Servants to the City's nobility, and that they are working on a top-secret endeavour known as the "Cetus Project." The Cetus Project turns out to be a gigantic submarine, the Cetus Amicus, and that the Mechanists are using it to access the remains of The Lost City in search of ancient artifacts. By interrogating the head of the Cetus Project, Brother Cavador, the pair discover that the Mechanists have recovered an object known as a Cultivator, and that they have already begun mass-producing them and installing them inside of the Masked Servants. While Garrett stakes out the Gervaisius Estate and steals a mask and the prototype Cultivator, Viktoria's agents observe Karras hermetically sealing Soulforge Cathedral. The pair conduct an experiment with the Cultivator, revealing that the Servants could be commanded to release Rust Gas, which would react violently with the plant matter inside of wealthy nobles' gardens, wiping out all life in the city, with Karras safe inside of Soulforge Cathedral.

Viktoria claims that there is no time to spare and proposes a plan: Garrett must gain control of the beacon controlling the Servants and command them to return to Soulforge and trick Karras into releasing the Rust Gas, while Viktoria fills Soulforge Cathedral with plants, to wipe out the Mechanists instead of the city. Garrett claims the plan is "suicide", claiming he will think of a better plan, and re-affirms that he works alone. As he leaves, a Keeper informs Garrett that Viktoria has begun an assault on the Cathedral herself. Garrett hurries to the Cathedral but is too late to save Viktoria as she is attacked by an onslaught of Mechanist forces. Her dying action is to fill Soulforge Cathedral with plants, as promised. Left with no better plan, Garrett proceeds to assemble a new guiding beacon and redirects the Cathedral's signal towers back to the Cathedral itself. The plan succeeds, and Garrett locks the servants inside the Cathedral. When the rust gas is released, Karras is killed and Soulforge Cathedral is left in ruins.

Garrett returns to the Cathedral after the reaction is complete and is met by a Keeper, who explains that the events of The Metal Age transpired exactly as written, and that the prophecies contain even more predictions. Garrett, previously skeptical of the Keepers' mysterious ways, reluctantly requests to know more.

Deadly Shadows[]

Garret apparently lost his interest in the keepers but is contacted by Artemus and begrudgingly rejoins the keepers. He is asked to steal two artefacts for them, the Jacknall's Paw and the Builder's Chalice. After gaining their trust he learns of and recovers two other objects, the Glyph Key in The Sunken Citadel and the Compendium of Reproach in the Overlook Mansion. Learning of a prophecy inside of the compendium he decides to sabotage the StoneMarket clocktower to find out who “the evil ones” are but ends up collapsing the entire tower. Meanwhile interpreter Caduca is murdered and Garrett is accused of her death and put on trial. He escapes and decides to search first keeper Orland’s room for evidence of his betrayal but finds none but instead finds an old woman who seemingly talks to statues and subsequently leads him to inspector Drept. Following his lead he goes to an abandoned asylum and rescues the ghost of a girl that was killed by the hag. Upon aiding her it is revealed that translator Gamall used the image of the girl to hide her true identity - the hag - who then kills some of the keepers and takes the artefacts to her lair. Garret finds the artefacts and uses them to activate The Final Glyph, ending all Glyph magic and erasing all the glyphs from existence beginning the unwritten times. In the process the symbol of a keyhole is marked on his hand, a symbol of the keepers.

After activating the final glyph, Garrett returns the artifacts to their 'owners'. He was then set upon by a young female thief, a repeat of how Garrett had come to become a Keeper.[5]



Garrett's alliances with the Hammers and Pagans occur near the end of Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age, respectively, providing information and useful objects to aid him in his tasks. In Thief: Deadly Shadows, the Hammers and Pagans are at first hostile towards Garrett, but he can change his allegiance with either group by undertaking certain tasks for them. Note that faction alliance is null when in a mission. Outside of missions, alliances are not mandatory, they just help with certain difficult situations.



I've always equated feelings with getting caught — they both get in the way of my money.[6]

Garrett, possessing a professional and independent streak, is wary of relying on others for anything. Because of this, he rarely shows any overt romantic interest in any character, with the only exceptions being:

  • Sister of Basso, whom Garrett had a purely physical interest in,[7] for which he did Basso the favor of breaking him out of Cragscleft.
  • Viktoria, a wood nymph who Garrett displayed an unusual amount of conc
    T2 B13 01

    Garrett and Viktoria

    ern for, when allied to her during The Metal Age incident. At the start, there is little trust on Garrett's part and mutual resentment, given the events of The Dark Project. Yet over the course of sharing a mutual goal, it becomes clear that she is able to gain Garrett's respect. In turn, she grows warmer towards him. All this is demonstrated even to the point of Garrett being willing to defend her directly, immediately rushing to her aid upon hearing of her assault on Soulforge and being noticeably upset with the result.[8] In the end, she even refers to him affectionately as 'My good thief'.
  • Marla Madison, a shopkeeper and confidant of Garrett, has shown feelings for Garrett and he appears to care for her as well, since then Garrett became a regular customer in her shop, buying items from Marla in order to accomplish his missions.


Garrett has a scar around his right eye, the result of having the eye plucked from its socket by Viktoria's branch of a hand during The Dark Project incident. The eye has since been replaced by an experimental mechanical prosthetic given to him by the Hammerites in the aftermath of the Dark Project.

TG CS14 09

Garrett's replacement eye

Garrett has a wide array of Weapons to assist him in his thievery, some expendable weapons that must be purchased or found, such as Mines, and some always available weapons like the Blackjack, Sword and Bow. The bow itself can use an array of arrow types.

Enriching the overall gameplay are Abilities and tools that Garrett gathers along the way.

Visits to prison[]

The first time Garrett went to a prison was Cragscleft, to break out Cutty to get his pay for Lord Bafford's Scepter. Cutty died, and Garrett took the opportunity to rescue Basso the Boxman's unconscious body from the prison, in an attempt to get closer to Basso's sister.

The second time, Garrett broke into Shoalsgate Station in order to frame Lieutenant Hagen.

The third time is completely voluntary, but does offer up loot and equipment. In Thief: Deadly Shadows, if at any time Garrett dies in City mode (between missions), he will be transported to Cell 7 in Pavelock Prison,[9] regardless of who/what killed him and where.

Garrett's charges include Burglary, Possession of Stolen Goods, Thievery, Pick pocketing, Resisting Arrest, Assaulting a City Watch Officer, Assaulting another City Watch Officer, Endangerment, Causing bodily harm to an officer, verbal assault on an officer, etc.[10] However, an unused prison roster shows him in cell 5, charged with Thievery, Possession of Stolen Goods, Pick-pocketing, Resisting Arrest, Endangerment, Causing bodily harm to an officer, verbal assault on an officer, etc.[11] Garrett promptly escapes Pavelock Prison. Note that if Garrett dies again, he will not be sent to prison.


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