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Fort Ironwood

Fort Ironwood is an old Hammerite fortress in Old Quarter, that can be explored in TDS, as Garrett is allowed to roam the City.

Holy Water

The Holy Water Font

Holy Water Flasks

Fort Ironwood is home to one of the few Holy Water Fonts in TDS, as well as maintaining a good stock of Holy Water Flasks.

This holy water is blessed by the Master Builder, giving it the ability to damage the undead.

Brother Kai, the Master of Novices, takes responsibility for ensuring that the holy water supply is always replenished[1]. Novices are expected to refill the font and flasks when the supply runs low.

Surrounding territory

The Graveyard of the Fort is under siege by the Undead, because of a local Pagan necromancer. The Catacombs are also zombie infested, but this is normal.

The Fort itself also serves as a small temple and mortuary for both commoners and the Nobility.


The Cataclysm memorial

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