Title: The Garden Of The Wizard

Author: IronEagle

FM for: TDS

File Name:, TheGardenofThe

Initial Release: 9 April, 2012

Latest Release: 22 April, 2012

Language: English, Italian
Incomplete Info:No
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A nice and accurate mission made by IronEagle , a fantastic fairy tale with a surreal atmosphere

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Comments :

Keeper Me.


Dear IronEagle, I would like to admit the pleasure is surely mine . Everybody should know that the author is a wonderful person and really devotes himself to the mission. As a translator, I had the pleasure to work with him and I hope that it's only the beginning of a longer collaboration . Previously, I worked with other members of our translating group, The 5 Elements of Darkness, but it was for T2X.

Jones Crusher


I am glad that I stuck at it,its a really interesting mission and hope to play more from you,I liked the surreal feel to it and the art work used etc...and also,as well as frustrating you really have to think with this one,its not the usual,logical,fm...I liked the the new and unexpected AI,the general colourfulness of it,like being in fairyland

fairy land because i used all beatiful of Unreal.. Prjames


I enjoyed the wild architecture and fantasy elements (paintings, lighting, some of the areas like the maze of cards, giant rats, etc.) I also liked the traditional Thief gameplay e.g. BJing the guards).



I've completed the mission. This is a great mission, I also wanted to mention one other thing I like which is the creative creatures - ghostly (and glowing in multiple colors) undead, giants, cats, giant rats, etc. Very much "outside the box". Again, very pretty architecture.


the first mission which presents all the power on unreal engine

Note . This mission contain New Grapic Effects discovered in Unreal Engine - Lighting

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