Title: Avoiding Mistrust

Author: DarkDragon

FM for: TDS

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Initial Release: 17 August, 2008

Latest Release: 7 February, 2019

Language: English
Incomplete Info:No
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The Circle

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FM_TDS_Avoiding Mistrust_-_DarkDragon_walkthrough

Loot ListEdit

FM_TDS_Avoiding Mistrust_-_DarkDragon_lootlist

Readme FileEdit

 Avoiding Mistrust 
A 'Thief 3 - Deadly Shadows' Fan Mission 
By DarkDragon 

Author : DarkDragon
Contact Info : REMOVED for SPAM
Homepage :
Version : 1.0
Date of Release : 17th August 2008
 Scripts Required : 

Description :
It seems my little rendezvous at Lord Raven's Mansion got the Raven's attention. My contacts have recently informed me that he has arranged a meeting with the City Watch Captain tonight at his newly constructed mansion conveniently located just a stone's throw away from Raven's place... which seems very suspicious. They are obviously planning something but I don't know what yet so what better to do then break into his house and do a little snooping around and see if I can unearth any dirty little secrets they have planned. The mansion is extremely large, even from a distance, I can see that the funding Raven is provided the City Watch is going straight into protecting the people. From where I am, I can see that the way in is very heavily guarded but there seems to be a few crates stacked outside the entrance. Hope they are dry inside..."
Game : Thief 3 - Deadly Shadows
Mission Title : 
Mission File Name(s) :
Difficulty Settings : YES
Equipment Store : NO
Map : NO
Auto Map : NO
New Graphics : NO
New Sounds : NO
New Objects : NO
Multi language support : NO
Readme Language : English
Difficulty Level Info : Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert

Known Bugs : Once again, saving on Normal Difficulty is broken. I really hate T3Ed.

Video Briefing Length : N/A
Video Briefing Size : N/A
Base : Scratch
Build Time : 5 months and 7 days.

Notes : 
0.10 (Build 0000) - Started in August 2006, Had main hall 70% constructed as well as a first floor room.
0.15 (Build 0010) - Main hall done. 3 rooms constructed including Swimming area (80% finished) library (95%) and storeroom (98%). Stopped in October 2006.
0.20 (Build 0020) - Restarted on 30th May 2008. Dining Room built (90% finished), Kitchen started with poor design, 2nd Floor Master Bedroom Area built (60%), Swimming area finished.
0.25 (Build 0030) - Master Bedroom area finished. Concentrated on 1st floor adding alcoves with display cases. Corridors expended and added gradually. Library was started (20%).
0.30 (Build 0040) - Library was 50% completed.
0.40 (Build 0050) - Library 90% completed. 2nd Floor corridors were added (30%). Storeroom was constructed (100%) and Concept of Crawl Through Air Vents was placed and tested.
0.50 (Build 0060) - Library 98% completed. Kitchen rebuilt and finished. Dining room finished. More Air Vents were implemented (20%). Basement area was in production (10%).
0.60 (Build 0070) - Basement 95% constructed. 1st floor corridors expanded greatly to accommodate built rooms.
0.70 (Build 0080) - More corridors and rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors were built. Doors added to main hall. 1st floor is 100% finished.
0.80 (Build 0090) - Editor beginning to grow sluggish. Air Vents were built (90%). 2nd floor vastly improved. Brush reduction by about 30% across the entire map. Ballroom built (90%).
0.85 (Build 0100) - 2nd floor rooms added (50%). Air vents connected rooms to other rooms. 2nd floor bar room finished. Guards room built. Spiral Staircase finished. Final corridors in place.
0.90 (Build 0110) - 4 rooms added on second floor and corridors connected to the swimming area providing 2 entrances. Statues changed in swimming area.
0.92 (Build 0120) - Added pipes and rats to the basement. Bug and light fixing. Began placement of loot. Was ready to start adding AI and packing for release until...
0.95 (Build 0130) - Started construction of an outside area to the building (was 70% done by this build). Connected several rooms (Storeroom and Showroom) to the outside, completing them.
0.98 (Build 0140) - Replaces Trees with better ones. Built 2nd open area connecting it to the library. Added more detail to the outside area adding multiple points of entry and exit. Added guard hut in the corner. 
1.0 (Build 0150) - Final Bug Fixing. Objectives Testing and finished on August 16th 2008. Release Time!

Version 1.1 - 17th August 2008.
Brought down Loot Total to 10,000 by lowering prices, removing a few items and replacing a few items with stardard items.
Fixed a small wall in the second floor bar being too big, causing the fireplace to look odd.
Fixed sparkly lighting effect in the spiral staircase poking slightly out under the stair mesh.
Added a Window in the Master Bedroom corridor where there should've been one.
Altered texturing in the Master Bathroom.
Made it easier to use Rope Arrows to get onto the ledges in the library. (going into 3rd person was, oddly enough, easier to get up there then 1st).
Fixed a small lighting problem in 1 of the air vents.

Thanks : 
Thanks to everyone, family, friends and others who supported me throughout my project. Let me know of any cosmetic errors you find around the place by PM'ing me on TTLG or sending me an e-mail, Translations are welcome! Enjoy! Fleshworks Wiki - For Guidance.
Potterr - GarrettLoader, Beta Testing.
Judith - For many clever ideas.
All the people at TTLG who aided me in my time of need.
Looking Glass Studios for Thief I, Thief Gold, Thief II and the System Shocks.
Ion Storm Austin for Deus Ex I, II and Thief III.

*Loading Information* 
GarrettLoader Ready (Created for version 1.42) . DO NOT UNZIP THIS FILE!!

*Copyright Information* 
"This level was created by DarkDragon 2006 - 2008
Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package is kept intact. You may not include this level to any map pack without my permission. No one may edit this mission or modify it in any way.
This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios, Ion Storm Austin or Eidos Interactive.