Thief's Den has a total of 1189 loot in this mission where 0 is jewels, 230 is in goods and 959 is in gold.

Item Values* General Location Further Description
A golden vase 0/0/120 Upstairs bedroom Outside window
Coins 0/0/2 Upstairs bedroom In attic pot
A purse 0/0/50 Lookout person On belt
A porcelain cup 0/10/0 Main room Table
A golden goblet 0/0/15 Lounge Table
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Lounge Table
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Lounge Bucket
Coins 0/0/10 Lounge Mantlepiece
A golden statue 0/0/100 Cellar Below lift
A golden trophy 0/0/140 Cellar Chest
A golden goblet 0/0/100 Attic Footlocker
A golden plate 0/0/005 Attic Footlocker
A golden candlestick 0/0/40 Attic Bookshelf
A golden hammer 0/0/100 Attic Bookshelf
A purse 0/0/100 Attic Bookshelf
Coins 0/0/2 Attic Chair
A golden vase 0/0/75 Attic Dresser

* Jewels/Goods/Gold

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