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Title: The Tears of Saint Lucia

Author: jdude with assistance from Fidcal (map), Springheel (story)

FM for: TDM

File Name: saintlucia.pk4, tdm_saintlucia_v1.0.exe

Initial Release: 21 October, 2008

Latest Release: 21 January, 2010

Language: English
Incomplete Info:No
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The second mission release of The Dark Mod. This is a city/church mission.

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See Saint Lucia's page in the Dark Mod wiki for full list of mirrors.




TTLG thread

TTLG re-release thread

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Title: Tears of Saint Lucia
Description: This map was the second "alpha release" of The Dark Mod. In ToSL, you are hired to rob a Builder Church.  This church has recently been attracting a lot of attention, and someone is willing to pay you a fair sum to do something about it.
Author: jdude & TDM Team



Welcome to this second mission of The Dark Mod. This is not a demo but a full, medium-sized mission.

It might be a good idea to print this file as you will not be able to read it easily once Dark Mod is running full screen. Alternatively you can try Alt + Enter or Task Manager > Window > Minimize to get out of the running game without closing it.


This is just a short installation guide, more information is available at our wiki:


Don't be put off - all you need is Doom 3 installed with patch, extract our download into the Doom folder, then make/modify a desktop shortcut and you're playing!

You'll need the following to play Saint Lucia:

   1. Windows or Linux
   2. About 1200 Mbytes (about 1.2 Gbyte) free disk space (in addition to your Doom install)
   3. A working Doom 3 installation
   4. Doom 3 must be patched to 1.3.1-1304. You can download the correct patch (20 Mbyte) here:
          * Windows:
          * Linux:

Already patched Doom 3 before reading this? Make sure you have the correct version of the 1.3.1 patch number 1304!


Now proceed with the following steps.

   1. Download tdm_saintlucia.exe and copy it to where you installed Doom3 (e.g. C:\games\doom3).
   2. Run tdm_saintlucia.exe. A "Saintlucia" folder will be created.
   3. Now you'll need to create a shortcut to the Saintlucia demo:
         1. Copy the existing Doom 3 shortcut on your desktop. Rename the copy "Saintlucia".
         2. Right-click, choose Properties and edit the command line. It should read 

	C:\games\doom3\DOOM3.exe +set fs_game saintlucia

You're done! All you need to do is double-click the shortcut to run the demo.

But before you do, please take a minute to read Saintlucia's Gameplay on the wiki (see link above) for information on how to actually play The Dark Mod (many features will be familiar to Thief players, but there are important differences).


    * Download tdm_saintlucia.exe and copy it to the .doom3 folder in your home directory. This directory might not be visible if you use a file manager like Konqueror, so use a console, Midnight Commander, or type ".doom3" into the location bar in Konqueror to navigate there.
    * Either:
         1. Right-click on tdm_saintlucia.exe and select "Open with Wine Windows Emulator" from the menu. Click OK and wait for the package to extract. 
    * Or:
         1. Install the package p7zip
         2. In a console, type:
         3. cd ~/.doom3
         4. 7z x tdm_saintlucia.exe
    * You should now see a "saintlucia" folder in your .doom3 directory. 
    * Copy the existing Doom 3 shortcut on your desktop to a new one and rename it to "Saintlucia".
    * Right-click, open the properties of that shortcut, go to the "Application" or "Launcher" tab and edit the command line. It should read: 

	/usr/local/games/doom3/doom.x86 +seta com_allowConsole 1 +set fs_game saintlucia

You're done! Double-click the shortcut to run the demo. Enjoy! 


* At the Dark Mod main menu select "Settings".
* Adjust the various settings to your preference and system. You can always
  navigate to and from a running mission to these menus for adjustment later.
  The menu also acts as a game pause (readables and maps do not pause gameplay)

IMPORTANT: Objectives might require you to drop an item from the inventory, so make sure you know which is your 'drop' control and to drop from the inventory you use that control once to move the item from inventory to be 'carried' and then again to drop it.

More about controls is in the wiki article at


* At the main menu select Start Mission.

* You should see the mission 'briefing' story. Read that then click 'Objectives'
  at bottom right.

* You should now see the Objectives screen. Select the difficulty levels you want
  to play at.

* This Objectives will check off as you complete them.  You can return to view
  them in-game using Esc > Objectives. Achieving all the objectives will gain
  you the Mission Complete screen and return you to the Dark Mod menus.

* Once you have read the objectives, click on 'Start Mission' at bottom right to

* Once the map is running you should start exploring the area cautiously.
  Also scan through your inventory at the first opportunity. Take care! Beginners
  may find it difficult if they just wander carelessly about. You are in danger
  - keep quiet and out of sight as much as possible.


The Dark Mod is similar in play style to Looking Glass Studio's Thief series and is intended to be played as a stealth game - not a hack and slay run-through. Information on gameplay is at


Q. The Dark Mod doesn't work at all.
A. Check carefully the entry in your Doom 3 shortcut properties.

Q. The Dark Mod runs, but no map will run when I select Start Mission.
A. Try running it from the console with "map saintlucia" (see also wiki).

Any other problems go to or to - there should be a thread, probably in The Dark Mod forum for answering questions about this demo and of course you can find information about the Dark Mod in general.


The Dark Mod will eventually be released to enable users to create their own stealth games. But you can use the resources in this mission pack to create and distribute games made by it. Because the development of the Dark Mod is progressing rapidly on a daily basis, this much reduced demo code and assets are probably already obsolete when you read this so you may need to modify your map later to be compatible with the main Dark Mod release. Better yet, those wishing to create missions to help in this development or to assist in other ways should start at:

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