The Alchemist has a total of 7682 loot in this mission where 845 is jewels, 3440 is in goods and 3397 is in gold.

Item Values* General Location Further Description
A golden trophy 0/0/250 Inn By lamp post
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Inn Inn keeper's vinotheque
A purse 0/0/50 Inn Behind beer barrels
Coins 0/0/65 Inn Behind beer barrels
A purse 0/0/50 House across from well Under shoe in wardrobe
A purse 0/0/50 Mansion Gate guard
3 paintings 0/675/0 Jeweller Wall
A painting 0/325/0 Jeweller Wall
A golden goblet 0/0/15 Jeweller Mantlepiece
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Jeweller Mantlepiece
A purse 0/0/25 Jeweller Cash box
Coins 0/0/25 Jeweller Cash box
A golden trophy 0/0/250 Jeweller Display case
A golden chalice 0/0/50 Jeweller Display case
4 golden vases 0/0/300 Jeweller Display case
3 rings 105/0/0 Jeweller Display case
A diamond necklace 125/0/0 Jeweller Display case
A painting 0/225/0 Inventor's Wall
A purse 0/0/50 Inventor's Wooden chest
A purse 0/0/50 Captain's office Table
A golden plate 0/0/35 Captain's office Table
A golden statue 0/0/150 Captain's office Table
2 purses 0/0/75 Captain's office Hidden panel
A golden candlestick 0/0/40 Captain's office Hidden panel
A golden bracelet 0/0/85 Captain's office Hidden panel
2 wine bottles 0/220/0 Captain's office Hidden panel
A golden plate 0/0/35 Captain's office Hidden panel
A purse 0/0/50 Guard's barracks Chest
A golden candlestick 0/0/40 Hayloft In hay
2 golden goblets 0/0/30 Hayloft In hay
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Single bedroom By bed
A golden goblet 0/0/15 Single bedroom By bed
A painting 0/225/0 Single bedroom Wall
A purse 0/0/25 Single bedroom Table
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Single bedroom Bookshelf
A purse 0/0/50 Double bedroom Chest
A golden vase 0/0/75 Double bedroom Table
2 golden trophies 0/0/200 Dining room Above fireplace
2 golden statues 0/0/300 Dining room Mantlepiece
3 golden candlesticks 0/0/120 Dining room Table
2 golden goblets 0/0/30 Dining room Buffet table
3 golden plates 0/0/105 Dining room Buffet table
2 paintings 0/850/0 Dining room Wall
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Kitchen In pot
2 gold coins 0/0/2 Servent's quarters Storage box
2 golden candlesticks 0/0/80 Drawing room Mantlepiece
A golden goblet 0/0/15 Library Bureau drawer
A purse 0/0/50 Library Bureau secret panel
2 wine bottles 0/220/0 Library Bureau secret panel
Coins 0/0/20 Vaydeth's bedroom Bookshelf
2 porcelain bowls 0/20/0 Vaydeth's bedroom Bookshelf
2 golden goblets 0/0/30 Vaydeth's bedroom Bookshelf
A diamond ring 60/0/0 Vaydeth's bedroom Behind painting
A golden statue 0/0/150 Vaydeth's bedroom Side table
A golden statue 0/0/150 Vaydeth's bedroom Dresser
A porcelain bowl 0/10/0 Secured entrance Shelves
A golden candlestick 0/0/40 Fleshkeeper's bedroom Bookshelf
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Fleshkeeper's bedroom Shelf
A golden goblet 0/0/15 Fleshkeeper's bedroom Shelf
A porcelain bowl 0/10/0 Basement Altar
A tourmaline 225/0/0 Basement Below bowl
A golden goblet 0/0/15 Basement Altar
A golden vases 0/0/75 Mansion entrance By display case
A sceptre 200/0/0 Mansion entrance Display case
An amulet 100/0/0 Mansion entrance Display case
A gem 30/0/0 Mansion entrance Display case

* Jewels/Goods/Gold

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