Title: The Night Before Christmas

Author: DarkShadow

FM for: T2

File Name: Before_Christmas.zip

Initial Release: 20 November, 2009

Latest Release: 7 April, 2021

Language: English, German
Incomplete Info:No
Tag Cloud: Holiday


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The Night Before Christmas

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Readme File

*********************  English  *************************

November 2009
Missionstitle: The night before Christmas
File name: before_Christmas.zip
Author:  DarkShadow 
Kontakt: iceman67@web.de
Homepage: ----
Date of release: 20/11/2009 


Dayport, December the 23.
A few days ago, Santa Claus was in town, his stay indeed should be just
a short duration. Already not all presents distributed, the Hammerites
seize up the old man. They accused him as a heretic and threatened with 
torture, if he did not leave the city right away. He left Dayport shortly 
after and was never seen again.

An unusual contract for Garrett, he shall procure the remaining presents.

* Gameinfo * 

Game:              : Thief 2 / The Metal Age
Level name         : The night before Christmas
Filename           : Miss23.mis
Difficulty Settings: No
Equipment Store    : No
Map                : Yes(placeholder only)    
New Graphics       : yes
New Sounds         : yes
EAX- supportg      : ???
Multi Language     : yes, german/english
Briefing	   : No

Difficulty level info: Normal

* Construction *

Base		  : no
Mapsize	          : middle
time for building : 6 month with breaks
Building info     : -------


Runs with Dark Loader.  DONT UNPACK this ZIPFILE, put this 
complete "..Christmas.zip" – FILE in a directory on your harddrive, open 
Dark Loader, Setup, search the directory where you put IT in, click OK.


the members from Thief-the last glass Forum (http://board.ttlg.de)
and the tutorialwriters.

Thanks to the following persons for using there great objects and textures: 

Alun David Bestor, www.washboardabs.net/thief/ 
Using of objects and textures.

Nielsen74, www.jasonotto.net/n74objects.html (FactoryWindow and Shields)

Nameless Voice, www.geocities.com/nameless_voice/ (NVWallLantern,Teddy.bin)

Eshaktaar, www.hulub.ch (OilLantern and Victrola)

Hrothgar, (Snowman and Sledge)

Yandros, http://www.wearytaffer.com/ (Presents, Cake)

A special thanks to the following persons:

BETA TESTING: fibanocci, Firehawk, Ionisator


If you open this FM in Dromed, you should optimize before you go in game!

The following textures are mine, you can use them, credits would be nice.

WINS(Fensterbunt.pcx, orangeklein.pcx, pureorange.pcx, Snoworange.pcx)

Win323Lsnow.pcx and Winwdsnow.pcx are Original Thief2 textures, I've 
just modified them.

For me, it was important, that the FM has a nightly atmosphere.
Otherwise not to darkly, you can't see a different between the textures. 
Settings for Gamma and Ambient Lights I made in the evening on a CRT.
Maybe you have to put the gammasettings higher or lower. 



"Happy christmas everywhere" (Music box)
"We wish you a merry Christmas" ???
"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"- by Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski
"the quiet earth"- by DarkShadow


* Copyright * 

This Level is (c) by Michael Haase, 2009

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free. Use at your own risk.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.


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