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Poster with protagonist Zaya, created for Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age

Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age (or T2X) is an unofficial expansion pack to Thief II: The Metal Age consisting 13 missions and numerous cutscenes. Featuring Zaya, a new female protagonist who replaces Garrett, it was created by a group of fans called The Dark Engineering Guild. Like other Fan Missions, in order to function this Mod requires Thief II to be installed.


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The game presents a new protagonist, a young woman named Zaya. She has journeyed to the eponymous City, to meet her cousin Kedar and start a new life. Things take an unexpected turn though and she soon gets drawn into a murky world of crime and deceit as events spiral beyond her control. The story takes place approximately the same time as the Thief II timeline.

The game has features similar to those in retail Looking Glass games: complex level design, a lengthy campaign (consisting of thirteen long missions), pre-rendered introduction and ending sequences, original music, new voice acting, original artwork, and animated mission briefings.

Thirteen full-length missions take the action through city streets and rooftops, ancient tombs, hotels, museums, cathedrals and more in a gripping tale of vengeance and deception. Hundreds of new models, textures and sounds: 3000 lines of new dialogue. Four cutscenes and twelve new briefings in the original Thief style.

Ten new weapons and tools provide the means to evade, outwit, and out-fight your opponents, as well as bringing unprecedented levels of emergent gameplay to the Thief series.


On May 25th, 2000, Looking Glass Studios closed down. Shortly thereafter, a group of 60-100 designers, artists, audio talents, writers and programmers from the gaming community, contributed their talents to realize a fresh new Thief experience. With their own story to tell, they joined to form TTLG's Dark Engineering Guild.

The designing and development took five hard years, and finally, in 2005 the result was an unofficial Thief II expansion pack titled Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age. Based on the critically-acclaimed Thief series, T2X builds on the same technology and universe that made Thief 2 a classic.

T2X is freeware and can be downloaded from the developer's site, but it requires the original Thief II in order to be played.[1]


T2X received significant gaming press coverage prior to and after release. PC Gamer magazine stated it was "one of the most impressive achievements of any fan community for any game."[2] In a discussion of game modding in general, Computer Games magazine called it "Arguably the biggest and best mod of the past year."[3] Jolt Online said that for a fan of the Thief series "there was simply no excuse not to play T2X".[4]

Why ZayaEdit

When writing the storyline of "Shadows of the Metal Age," the guild discovered that a male lead had been so overused that it was nearly expected. They also realized that a female character like Zaya offered an innovative gaming experience and plot line. This also gave them a lot more room to get creative. The very first thing the guild decided when they started T2X was, "no Garrett." Using him in this kind of large-scale campaign could only bring trouble if they were to write a story that fits snuggly into the already-established "Thief" universe and Looking Glass Studios Thief: The Dark Project.[5]


  1. Unexpected Shelter
  2. The Trials that Shape Us
  3. While the City Sleeps
  4. Shadowing the Enemy
  5. The Redistribution Game
  6. A Question of Knowledge
  7. Down Among The Dead Men
  8. The Art of Deception
  9. Into the Fray
  10. Of Ill Repute
  11. The Grand Hotel
  12. The Cure
  13. Betrayal

Mod DetailsEdit

Title: T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age

Author: Dark Engineering Guild

FM for: T2

File Name: t2x_v11_full.exe

Initial Release: 15 May, 2005

Latest Release: 4 February, 2019

Language: English
Incomplete Info:No
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Thief2X: Shadows of the Metal Age and the Dark Engineering Guild are not affiliated with Eidos Interactive, Looking Glass Studios, or Ion Storm. Thief2X is a fan made expansion made using the tools generously donated to the fan community by Eidos Interactive and Looking Glass Studios.

Distribution of Thief2X: Shadows of the Metal Age is encouraged so long as the mod remains free and intact. You may not profit from or receive any compensation from the Thief2X mod or any products or merchandise bearing the Thief2X logo or The Dark Engineering Guild logo. Thief2X: Shadows of the Metal Age and any future affiliated goods must remain free in accordance with the legal standards set forth by Eidos Interactive, as described in the Thief 2: The Metal Age user agreement and the DromEd toolset user agreement.

You may not alter the Thief2X mod and redistribute it. This includes, but is not limited to, changing or altering game files or game content. You may not redistribute Thief2X: Shadows of the Metal Age with any files missing, including cutscenes and briefing movie files. You may not include any Thief2X resources in any fan mission package, but you may create fan missions specifically for Thief2X using the Thief2X resources.

Thief2X: Shadows of the Metal Age is copyright 2005 to the Dark Engineering Guild.


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