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Title: Complicated Cargo

Author: intruder

FM for: T2

File Name:

Initial Release: 5 February, 2011

Latest Release: 8 September, 2021

Language: English
Incomplete Info:No
Contest:Thief Reloaded Contest
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Winner of the Thief Reloaded Contest.

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FM:T2 Complicated Cargo - intruder/walkthrough

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FM:T2 Complicated Cargo - intruder/lootlist

Readme File


Title                   : Complicated Cargo
Filename                :
Author                  : intruder (Steffen Lehnert)
Contact info            :
Date of Release         : 01.02.2011
Version                 : 1.0
Description             : This mission is a tribute to Joss Whedon's "Firefly" and "Serenity".
Lootlist                : A complete lootlist made by Tannar is included in this archive.
Additional Information  : The script of all in-game cutscenes is included in the archive in case 
                          you did not understand what's been said.
                        : After placing the cargo aboard Serenity, you will be immobile for a few 
                          seconds as Serenity takes off again.
                        : Saving or leaving the game during cutscenes will cause the conversations 
                          to malfunction.


* Playing Information *

Game                    : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Level Names             : Complicated Cargo
File Name               : miss29.mis
Difficulty Settings     : Normal, Hard, Expert
Equipment Store         : No
Map                     : Yes
Automap                 : Yes (partly)
New Graphics            : Yes
New Objects             : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
EAX Support             : No
Multi-Language Support  : English only
Briefing                : Yes (ingame)
Known bugs              : AIs may trigger a secret, but this happens very rarely

* Construction *

Base            : "Life of the Party" (Thief 2 Release version) and "A Theft In High Towne"
Build Time      : 23.11.2010 - 31.01.2011


* Story *

There is a new job waiting for the crew of the transport vessel "Serenity" in a distant place called
"The City". The ship left Persephone two days ago and should reach the city within the hour. The job
to be done requires the "acquisition" of certain cargo from noble estates in the city. Since this
could be considered a hit-and-run mission, you've got to move quickly across the roofs, locate the booty,
get it on board Serenity and head straight to the next location. Meanwhile, Wash will keep
the ship in the air. He'll be waiting for your signal to land, take the cargo inside and take off again.
Don't forget to get the hell out of there once the cargo is secure and everyone is back on board...

Keep an eye out for any Alliance patrol craft and Reavers that are pushing out further each year!


* Loading Information *

Darkloader ready. Do not unzip -- Place in fan mission folder and install using
Darkloader 4.2 or later.


* Special Thanks *

Early Alpha Test
* Tannar

Beta Testers
* gnartsch
* nickie
* PotatoGuy
* Tannar


* Additional Copyright Information *

This FM uses the following scripts, textures, objects and sounds:

== Scripts ==
* tnhScript 2.1 by Tom N Harris

== Objects ==
* Thief Object Enhancement Package (pipe01-pipe08)
* Nielson74 (4x4SecretDoor)
* Thieves and Hammerites from DEDX
* Nameless Voice (balloon)
* greenhorn (crossbow, bolts, new sword)

== Skins ==
* Bronze Griffin (Reaver swordsman, Reaver bowman)
* Ottoj55 (Mal & Jayne)

== Textures ==
* snow textures made by gumdrop

== Sounds ==
* sound effects from Thief 1
* tc630 (fire & screams) from
* CGEffex (distant shooting, shouting soldiers) from
* Robinhood76 (air raid soundscape) from

== Music ==
* David Newman - Trading Station Robbery (Serenity)

== Voices ==
* some voices of Mal, Wash, Zoe, Simon and Jayne taken from Firefly & Serenity


* Copyright Information *

This Fanmission is (c) by intruder (Steffen Lehnert) 2011

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package is
kept intact. You may not include this level in any map pack without my permission.
No one may edit and re-distribute this mission without my express permission.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios, Eidos Interactive,
or Ion Storm.

OR put the readme on a subpage: FM:T2 Complicated Cargo - intruder/readme