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Title: City Conflict 5

Author: Silencium18

FM for: T2

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Initial Release: 19 May, 2010

Latest Release: 1 July, 2022

Language: English, German
Incomplete Info:Yes
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This mission is the 5th part of the City Conflict campaign.

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FM:FM_T2_City Conflict_5_-_Silencium18/walkthrough

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FM:FM_T2_City Conflict_5_-_Silencium18/lootlist

Readme File

Titel		 : City Conflict 5
Dateiname	 : City Conflict
Autor		 : Silencium18
Kontakt		 :
Homepage	 : none
Releasedatum	 : 19.5.2010
Version	 : 1.0

Beschreibung	 : "The only way to stop the conflict between
the mechanists and the hammerites is to kill the leader of the
mechanists. He's currently hiding in a big temple in the mechanists'
part of the town, guarded by loyal knights and henchmen. You made it
into this part of town once by complete luck, but this time the
mechanists are prepared and so is their network of spies. Your cover
would be blown within a second. Luckily, the keepers used the two
mystical masks, that you stole for them, and created a time portal.
With this portal you cannow go back in time and kill the mechanists'
leader while they're weak and not as powerful as they are now in
the present time." 
* Spielinformation *

Spiel			 : Thief 2: The Metal Age
Levelname		 : City Conflict
Dateiname		 : miss20.mis
Versch. Schwierigekeiten	 : yes
Laden			 : no
Karte/Autokarte		 : yes
Neue Graphiken		 : No
Neue Sounds		 : no
Neue Konversationen	 : no
Neue Models		 : No
EAX Unterstützung	 : yes
Mehrspr. Unterstützung	 : yes
Briefing			 : No

* Konstruktion *

Vorlage		: no
Kartengröße	: middle
Bauzeit		: 2 month 
Bauinfo		: nothing 
* Ladeinformation *

bla bla bla I hope that after over 800 Fms everyone knows how to install one
* Danke an *

Everyone at and etc...
Also a huge thx to Krenim for translating the texts into italian
* Copyright Information *
This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos