Title: Bloodstone Prison

Author: Kung Fu Gecko

FM for: T1

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Initial Release: 27 November, 1999

Latest Release: 18 February, 2019

Language: English, French
Incomplete Info:Yes
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Readme FileEdit

November 23, 1999
 Author: Garett (Kung Fu Gecko) Choy
 Contact info:
 Date of release: November 23, 1999
 Beyond the East hills lies an old Hammerite prison that hasn't been used for decades. No one ever goes there anymore and it's supposedly haunted. I don't enjoy dealing with the undead and I never thought about the prison until now.
 I was approached by an old man named Bando today who noticed me practicing to be inconspicuous in the city streets, a keeper talent I never was able to perfect. It turns out that Bando seems to have been born with similar "talents" as me. He was even taken in by the Keepers at one point but was later kicked out for "not being the one" as he put it.  So he earned his keep as a rather successful freelance thief in his youth.
 Bando had spent some time in the prison when it was in use.  He later returned to search for his late wife's brooch and other possesions that were confiscated from him after it had been overrun by undead, assuming that undead don't hold grudges like Hammers.  
 He says he's not able to pay me for the job but he's offered to teach what he knows about the skill of "inconspicuous walking".  He also told me about a holy sword held within the complex that would aid in battling the undead. Bando's brooch and the sword will most likely be in the same place. He says a good way to enter the closed off prison is to lower myself through one of the old kitchen chimneys. 
 - Recover Bando's late wife's brooch.
 - Get the holy sword for yourself.
 - There must still be some valuables around. Get at least 800/1200/1400 worth.
 - (hard) Bando remembers a cell mate who swallowed a large gem to prevent the Hammer's from taking it. He was never released and his body may still be there. Get the diamond.
 - (expert) The prison was overrun by undead for a reason. Find out why.
 Briefing: Place holder avi. Hopefully I can get to making a real briefing...
 Note from the author: Play sneakie. The holy water is just there for you to fall back on, it's not necessary. I tried to design to avoid the need to slash-n-dash.
 * Play Information * 

Game: 			Thief: The Dark Project
Mission Title: 		Bloodstone Prison
File name: 		miss20.mis
Difficulty Settings: 	yes
Equipment store: 	yes
Map / automap: 		yes/no
New graphics: 		yes
New sounds: 		yes
EAX support:		no
Multi language support: no

Briefing : 		no
 Difficulty levels:	Novice, Hard, Expert; and don't forget sneaker too!
 * Construction * 

Base: 			From scratch.
Build Time:		tons of hours 

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 * Copyright * 
 Copyright (c) November 1999 by Garett Choy
 Permission is granted to freely play and distrubute this level providing it remains whole 
 and intact.
 This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.