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The TDS Loot icon The Explosive Mine is an explosive that detonates when walked upon or when shot with a Broadhead Arrow.

A stealable Explosive Mine, in TDS

The 3D model in T1/T2



  • Explosive Weapon
  • 22 to 23 points of damage directly above the explosion
  • 16 to 19 points of damage near the explosion
  • around 7-8 points of damage at the perimeter of the explosion
  • Tree Beasts take approximately 2.5 times normal damage from Fire Attacks

Maximum amount in inventory (TDS only): 5


  • dealing large amount of damage to every non-fire based character
  • blowing up explosive barrels
  • setting traps at key locations
  • distracting characters
  • lighting or relighting torches

Tactical Information

Taffers basically describe Explosive Mines as static Fire Arrows, but they are more than that. Mines deal more damage in a larger area and are much more of a threat to the user than Fire Arrows. Like other throwing items, the mines are thrown to the ground when used. When they touch the floor, they activate. After that it is all a matter of whether someone walks over them or close enough to trigger them. When that happens, they don't explode instantly. Instead, the activated mine launches a fireball into the air, ascending to chest-height, and creating an explosion with the same properties as the Fire Arrow's explosion. This means that it might be used for dealing with the Undead, lighting torches or blowing explosive barrels, but it is much stronger. Most humans, creatures or Undead will die instantly when they walk over or near a mine. Some stronger foes like Apparitions or Bugbeasts will not fall from a single mine alone. Fire Shadows, Fire Elementals and Fire Mages are totally immune. In Thief 2 the mines can be picked back up, if approached carefully and one of the Lock Picks is used on them. This feature is not implemented in either Thief 1 or Thief Gold; do not try it. Once a mine is set, it will have to be observed, and it's location remembered. When an explosive is set, it has no allies. Placing the mines themselves can be difficult as they tend to slide a lot on the ground, causing noise. To overcome this, try placing the mines from a more vertical angle, or using the drop function (default 'R').

The Mine concept in Thief: Deadly Shadows

The mines can be used for creative destruction, by placing them on gateways or behind closed doors or on highly populated paths. A neat trick is activating them with an accurate Broadhead Arrow when a group of targets walk by. The mine makes a distinct ticking noise when armed and thrown. Anyone close by will hear it and immediately investigate its source. In most cases this will lead them to their doom. Use this feature to distract a stationed guard, sneak past him while he is looking around and hide in another place. The explosion may attract the attention of others, who may leave their posts in order to investigate themselves, thus giving more possibilities. However, take care on high difficulty levels where Garrett cannot kill humans. Though creative, there are better solutions for evading the Guards.



Obtain an Iron Chassis, a Steel Plate, and a canister of Quicklime Mixture.

Process the Iron Chassis and the Quicklime Mixture with the Amalgamating Machine in

Factory Bay B. A Mine Bulb will be manufactured.

Merge the Mine Bulb and the Steel Plate with the Sealing Machine in Factory Bay D.[1]