Used to switch between object models.

  • Halt: Specifies what this Tweq control should do once it has reached the last model on the list (or a blank space):
    • Destroy Obj: The object is deleted.
    • Remove Prop: The Tweq->Models property is removed.
    • Stop Tweq: The tweq is deactivated. It can be turned on again later.
    • Continue: The object repeats the pattern indefinitely.
    • Slay Object: The object is slain (creating corpses, etc.)
  • AnimC: A collection of options ('flags') that affect various aspects of this tweq control:
    • NoLimit: If this flag is set, the object will ignore off signals.
    • Sim: This flag causes the tweq to proceed whether or not it is in view.
    • Wrap: If this flag is set, the object will switch back to the first model after reaching the end.
    • OneBounce: The object will switch models in the reverse order after reaching the end (unless the NoLimit is also set.)
    • SimSmallRad: Does not appear to effect this tweq.
    • SimLargeRad: Does not appear to effect this tweq.
    • OffScreen: The object will only switch models when it is off-screen (unless one of the Sim flags is also set.)
  • MiscC contains more flags to control the tweq.
    • Anchor
    • Scripts
    • Random
    • Grav
    • ZeroVel
    • TellAI
    • PushOut
    • NegativeLogic
    • Relative Velocity
    • NoPhyics
    • AnchorVhot
    • HostOnly
  • CurveC
    • JitterLow
    • JitterHi
    • Mul
  • Rate: The time interval between models, in thousandths of a second.
  • Model 0: The name of the first model to be used. This is ordinarily the same as the base object model.
  • Model 1: The name of the second model to be used.
  • Model 2: The name of the third model to be used.
  • Model 3: The name of the fourth model to be used.
  • Model 4: The name of the fifth model to be used.
  • Model 5: The name of the sixth model to be used. Note that this is not part of the series above, but the model used when the object is slain. If this is blank for an extinguishable object, it defaults to an empty wall torch.

Property Name: CfgTweqModels

DromEd Properties Tweq Model

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