Creates the object named in Emit what with a specified velocity.

  • Halt: Specifies what this Tweq control should do once the object is fired:
    • Destroy Obj: The emitter is deleted.
    • Remove Prop: The Tweq->Emit property is removed.
    • Stop Tweq: The tweq is deactivated. It can be turned on again later.
    • Continue: The emitter continues to fire.
    • Slay Object: The emitter is slain (creating corpses, etc.)
  • AnimC: A collection of options ('flags') that affect various aspects of this tweq control:
    • NoLimit: If this flag is set, the object will ignore off signals.
    • Sim: This flag causes the tweq to proceed whether or not it is in view.
    • Wrap: Does not appear to effect this tweq.
    • OneBounce: Does not appear to effect this tweq.
    • SimSmallRad: Does not appear to effect this tweq.
    • SimLargeRad: Does not appear to effect this tweq.
    • OffScreen: The emitter only fires when it is off-screen (unless the Sim flag is also set.)
  • MiscC contains more flags to control the tweq.
    • Anchor
    • Scripts
    • Random
    • Grav
    • ZeroVel
    • TellAI
    • PushOut
    • NegativeLogic
    • Relative Velocity
    • NoPhyics
    • AnchorVhot
    • HostOnly
  • CurveC
    • JitterLow
    • JitterHi
    • Mul
  • Rate: The time interval between shots. This is only relevant when firing more than once.
  • Max Frames: The number of shots fired before the Halt occurs.
  • Emit what: The object to be fired. This must be a name in the object heirarchy and cannot exceed 15 characters.
  • Velocity: X is the speed of forward motion (in addition to the object's projectile velocity), Y is the sideways motion, and Z is the upward motion.
  • Angle Random: Unclear. Not available for T1/TG.

Property Name: CfgTweqEmit

DromEd Properties Tweq Emit

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