This property allows you to set up the physical properties of an object. The available options depend on the Physics->Model->Type.

  • Gravity % specifies how much the object is affected by gravity.
  • Mass specifies the weight of an object: does it sink in water? Is it heavy enough to trigger this Pressure Plate?
  • Density affects how much an object floats, and how quickly it rises in water.
  • Elasticity specifies how elastic (or 'bouncy') an object is.
  • Base Friction specifies how fast an object's velocity is reduced, affecting how far objects slide across surfaces, how tightly moving terrain objects round corners, and how well the player can move in zero gravity.
  • COG Offset ('center of gravity') is used to offset the axis about which a door rotates or slides. (It does not affect tweqs such as rotate.)
  • Rotation Axes specifies which axes the object can be rotated on. Sphere and Sphere Hat only.
  • Rest Axes specifies which axes the object can come to rest on. Sphere and Sphere Hat only.
  • Climbable Sides specifies which sides of the object can be climbed (like a ladder). OBB only.
  • Is Edge Trigger is used to trigger boundstriggers. OBB only.
  • Pore Size is used to allow other objects (of this width or smaller, such as arrows) to pass through this object (such as a fence or grating). OBB only.

Property Name: PhysAttr

Physics->Model->Type: Sphere, Sphere Hat

DromEd Properties Phy Mod Att

Physics->Model->Type: OBB

DromEd Properties Phy Mod Att OBB

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