This property specifies what happens when this objects is frobbed, either in the world, in the inventory, or as a tool.

  • Move adds a Contains link from the frobber to the object; picking the object up.
  • Script activates the object's 'on frob' scripts, such as StdButton, etc.
  • Delete destroys the object when frobbed.
  • Ignore makes the object unfrobable.
  • FocusScript activates the object's 'on focus (selected)' scripts, such as the Arrow script showing your bow.
  • Tool Cursor (Inventory only, I think) makes the object zip out of the player's inventory as a tool, like a lockpick.
  • Use Ammo decreases the Stack Count of the object by 1 with each frob.
  • Default triggers Act/React 'Frob in World/Inv' sources.
  • Deselect unselects the object. A key is deselected after being used on a door.

Property Name: FrobInfo

DromEd Properties Eng FrobInfo

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