This property defines the current state of a lock; with it, you can create a half-locked door. See: Dark GameSys->PickCfg.

  • CurTumbler is the stage the lock is currently at. Unlike the labels in the PickCfg box, the first stage is 0, not 1.
  • Pin is the number of pins already picked in this stage.
  • Done, when set to True, tells the game that the lock has been picked, and cannot be picked again (even if locked).
  • RandTime probably specifies what TimePct the Randomize Time flag has chosen.
  • TotalTime seems to be the time spent on the lock, in miliseconds.
  • StageTime seems to be the time spent on the current pin, also in miliseconds.
  • Picker is the object number of the creature that is picking the lock.

This property exists so the game can keep partially picked locks from resetting after a pause, and probably shouldn't be used for anything else.

Property Name: PickState

DromEd Properties DarkGsys PickState

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