With this property, you can customize an AI's speech 'broadcasts'. For example, you can choose to have an AI play no broadcast when they lose contact with the player, or play the 'foundsmall' sample instead.

Property Name: AI_BcstSet

DromEd Properties AI Core Broad cust

Dromed CrashEdit

Broadcast Customization Fix on Windows NT Systems If you are using DromEd on Windows 2000 or XP, Broadcast Customization crashes the system. You will need to download the ZIP named below and extract dromedfix.dll from it into your Windows System directory: Web Page Info File

To install the patch, copy the file DROMEDFIX.DLL to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32, or the corresponding location for your installation of Windows. Open the Registry Editor and locate the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows In this key, create the multi-string value "AppInit_DLLs", or edit it if it already exists. The value type should be "REG_MULTI_SZ". If not, delete the old value and recreate it as a "Multi-String". (Remember to write down the old value so you can type it in again. Edit the value and add, on a new line, the full path to the DROMEDFIX.DLL file. In this case, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DROMEDFIX.DLL

If DromEd was running whilst you were editing the registry, you will need to restart it.

  • Or use Telliamed's Total Patch: File
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