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Rob: Once upon a time, not only would DromEd crash, but it would go out and kill your family afterwards.
Mahk: I thought we took out that code.
  — Thief 2 Quotelist

A screenshot of DromEd

DromEd is the mission editor for Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age, with there being multiple versions of the program. It was distributed as a standalone download from Looking Glass Studios, and on disc with Thief Gold. DromEd for Thief 2 is an updated version of DromEd.

DromEd was first released to the Thief fans by LGS as a courtesy, but it has proven instrumental in prolonging the popularity of the games in the years following what would otherwise have been the end of their expected lifespan cycle. The reason being that DromEd has made the creation of Fan Missions possible.

The editor has always been treated as an unsupported, non-commercial product, and it has attracted criticism from is user base for being clunky, buggy, and in general less user friendly than many other game editing suites.

The name "DromEd" is a pun dating from the time Thief was developed under the title "Dark Camelot", the pun being the word play on dromedaries (camels).

The editor for the third game made with the Dark Engine, System Shock 2, is called ShockEd. Some of the assets for the different editors are interchangeable.

In September 2012, an unofficial update has been released for DromEd along with an unofficial Dark engine update. This update increase hard limits that can with the editor as well as fixing bugs.[1]

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