The dog is not seen in game, but the many uses of the word dog implies it's existence in some form. Dogs bear similar characteristics to Burricks (sans the gastronomic based weaponry), such as grunting, panting and whining. Dogs have been known to be kept as pets.[1]

Most of the time, the term is used as an insult, such as when a guard charges,[2] and when a thief is searching.[3] Other times it is used in metaphor, such as 'working like a dog'.[4] The pirates that first invaded Markham's Isle[5] called the light house owner a 'cripuld dog', Fey Weavers calls Grundholm a dog in a letter regarding poor quality helmets.[6] The cook at the Rutherford Castle calls Lord Ember and Lord Julian dogs; one a scared poodle, and the other a whipped cur.[7] City Watch Officers are known as 'bulls' or 'bulldogs'.[8]

Certain guards in Thief: II claim that their "dogs" are bothering them, meaning that they need new boots.[9]

Alerted Thief Sword Guards occasionally threaten Garrett to unleash dogs against him when searching for him, however as there are no dogs ingame they simply continue their search until they find Garrett or give it up.

In the Stonemarket area, in Thief: Deadly Shadows, the background music has the barking of a dog, along with some turkey, rooster and calf call.

The dog's natural enemy is the Cat.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In the LGS TDP Diary that the new unofficial company slogan is, "Work like a dog, or you're fired!"[10]


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