Northern Dayport

Dayport is one of the City's residential districts. Given its name, Dayport was probably a more heavily industrialized port area at one time; at present, the district's inhabitants consist primarily of members of all levels of City's social classes with a high concentration of mid-to-upper class guildsmen and nobles, a stark contrast to the Docks across town. With a concentration of tall buildings and narrow streets, Dayport has a more metropolitan and Victorian feel to it. It is also the home of one of the Mechanists' primary buildings, Angelwatch.

This quarter offers many shortcuts and hideouts for thieves such as Garrett. The tight streets and tall buildings create a Thieves' Highway. A highly-skilled thief can move through Dayport without ever touching the streets or attracting the attention of the guards of the City Watch. Garrett travelled this way to get to Angelwatch. (T2: "Life of the Party")



Southern Dayport

Dayport itself consists of two areas: Dayport North District and Dayport South District. Angelwatch was located in North Dayport, near the end of Grandmauden Road. Some of the residences located in Northern Dayport include Lady Louisa's Suite, Castle Carlysle and Sir Cullen's Keep. The Dayport Trader's Bank is also located in this area. Considering the City Wardens, Dayport is Webster's territory.

South Dayport is primarily residential, with such homes as Castle Van Vernon, Master Willey's Manor, the Necromancer's Spire, the Shemenov Estate, the Fieldstone Estate and the Astronomer's Workshop. This was also the location of the Dayport Belltower.

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The main street in this area is The Baron's Way, which cuts through the south end of Northern Dayport. Grandmauden Road runs perpendicular to The Baron's Way, running through both North and Southern Dayport.


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