Constantine's Sword
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Quest Item
Floating above a giant pedestal in the upper levels
Original Owner

Constantine's Sword is the magical blade that Viktoria hires Garrett to steal in "The Sword". The sword was kept on display, and was well protected by guards and security systems. Viktoria told Garrett that she represents an anonymous client who was impressed by the Ramirez job. At the end of the mission, this client is later revealed to be Constantine himself, who had devised the heist as a test of Garrett's skill. Garrett is allowed to keep the sword as a gesture of goodwill and to assist him in his quest for The Eye.

Although the description in the Starting Gear section claims that it "seems to prevent your foes from noticing that you have it drawn, even when you're about to strike", this is not the case during actual gameplay (if the sword is drawn in view of a Hammerite in Undercover, he will run for the alarm button just the same). Its only special property is that it does not reflect light like a normal sword, thus Garrett may wield it without becoming more visible. Besides this and its appearance, the sword is no different from any other.

Constantine's Sword ingame

Constantine's Sword in-game

Apparitions can be killed by Constantine's Sword. It is unknown if a normal sword can kill them as they aren't encountered in the storyline before obtaining Constantine's Sword. Additionally, the only Apparition that appears in Thief II is found in one of the latter mission's library. They are invincible and may only be killed through an exorcism by finding the hidden journals scattered throughout the library, therefore meaning that the normal sword can do no harm to the Apparition.

Interestingly enough, Constantine's Sword does not appear in Thief II or Thief: Deadly Shadows. It is unclear of what became of the magical blade after the first game.