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Gallery of all usable weapons in Garrett's Arsenal, in TDS. (Left: Explosive and Magical, Right: Melee and Ranged)

The hand-held Weapons available in every Thief game, form the basis of First Player Shooting gameplay within the Thief game series.

An extensive array of weapons are available, each operating differently. This allows players to take different approaches and methods to complete a final goal, such as stealing a valuable object from a well-protected area.

Essentially, two broad weapon types exist; expendable, which have to be acquired individually, and reusable, which are always available for use.


TDS garrettweapons

Garrett's Weapons, as confiscated by the City Watch, Pavelock Prison, in TDS

Expendable WeaponsEdit

The primary method of acquiring expendable weapons or ammunition is purchasing them from Shops, for gold Garrett collects by selling stolen Loot on the Black Market.

They can often be found in the open, though disguised within the level environment. Examples include Broadhead Arrows or Water Arrows. More valuable expendable weapons are usually locked behind doors or inside chests, and requires Garrett's Lock Picking ability to access them. Examples include Explosive Charges and Oil Flasks.

These weapons are available to the player based on the amount in Garrett's inventory. They cannot be dropped or lost, though every usage decreases the amount of the respective weapon, in Garrett's inventory, by one.

Reusable WeaponsEdit

Reusable weapons are rarely ever acquired within gameplay, with each Thief game typically featuring a fixed set. Examples include the Blackjack or Bow.

These weapons are always available to the player, except in Pavelock Prison (TDS) and in Escape! (T1/TG). The entire set can be recollected later in both levels (see image on right).

They can be used repeatedly, without any loss in power or effect. They cannot be dropped or lost, so the player never has to (re)purchase them within the game. Killed enemies or allies cannot be robbed of their reusable weapons, but spare melee weapons can usually be found as junk items, such as a Hammerite hammer or a Mechanist mace.

Availability By GameEdit


In Thief: The Dark Project and Thief Gold the emphasis was on stealth and much of the gameplay involved using shadows to avoid enemies, and to kill (assuming the player is on a lower difficulty) and subdue using stealthy or silent weapons, like the Blackjack, Broadhead Arrow, and Gas Arrow. However, there were weapons available that allowed direct confrontation, like the Sword and Warhammer.

Bold denotes weapons new to T1/TG.

Melee Blackjack · Sword · Constantine's Sword · Warhammer
Ranged Broadhead Arrow · Fire Arrow · Gas Arrow · Bow
Thievery Water Arrow · Moss Arrow · Noisemaker Arrow · Rope Arrow
Explosive Flash Bomb · Explosive Mine · Gas Mine · Explosive Charge
Magic Holy Water Vial . Holy Water Font


In Thief II: The Metal Age there was less focus on combat. Instead, more time was spent on stealing than actually fighting monsters.

Bold denotes weapons new to T2.

Melee Blackjack · Sword · Warhammer · Mechanist Mace
Ranged Broadhead Arrow · Fire Arrow · Gas Arrow · Bow · Mechanist Crossbow
Thievery Water Arrow · Moss Arrow · Noisemaker Arrow · Rope Arrow · Vine Arrow
Explosive Flash Bomb · Explosive Mine · Flash Mine · Gas Mine · Explosive Charge · Frogbeast Egg
Magic Holy Water Font


In Thief: Deadly Shadows players have a few medieval weapons to assist them, like the Blackjack and Broadhead Arrow, steampunk gadgets, like the Flash Bomb and Gas Bomb, and some passive abilities, like Lock Picks and Climbing Gloves, making the gameplay a unique stealthy experience. Unlike all previous games in the Thief series, silent kills and stealthy movement are essential as no usable hand-to-hand weapons exist, except the Dagger, to a lesser extent.

Bold denotes weapons new to TDS.

Melee Blackjack · Dagger
Ranged Broadhead Arrow · Fire Arrow · Gas Arrow · Bow
Thievery Water Arrow · Moss Arrow · Noisemaker Arrow · Oil Flask
Explosive Flash Bomb · Gas Bomb · Explosive Mine
Magic Holy Water Flask · Holy Water Font · Wand

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