TDS shop buying

A black market shop where weapons and equipment can be purchased, in Deadly Shadows

T2 shop

The shop interface displayed between missions, in Thief 2

Shops sell Weapons, maps, and training equipment for a price in gold. No discounts are available. Shops can only be accessed when not in missions. Items are priced high, meaning only players with adequate experience in locating loot will be able to buy enough weapons for careless use.

For legitimate and semi-legitimate businessmen and women, see Merchants. Please note that both groups tend to meld with each other, creating a grey area.


  • Thief: The Dark Project - Before most missions the player is allowed to buy weapons with the gold he has amassed during the earlier missions. Mainly a bitmap interface with 3D rendered models that spin when selected.
  • Thief II: The Metal Age - Same as T1.
  • Thief: Deadly Shadows - Shops can be found on inner streets, while exploring the City. Entering a shop presents the player with an interface consisting of a 3D gallery of available items, kept on a table. A slider to purchase a specified quantity of a clicked weapon exists. Each shop stocks only one type of elemental Arrow, Moss / Water / Fire / Gas. The shopkeeper stands or walks behind his storefront, promoting his wares or talking about his shop, and its branding. The first-person perspective is used, even when in third-person view.

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