The Hand Brotherhood
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Also known as
The Mages
Entity of Worship
the hand, the elements
First Introduced

The Hand Brotherhood is a foreign sect of mages residing in a compound of tall towers. They are practitioners of elemental magic, and oppose necromancy. Their main sources of magic are the four elemental schools: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The origin of the Brotherhood is unknown, but they are said to come from somewhere to the east of the City. They live isolated beyond the City in their towers and are quite distant to the city folk or other factions. The mages possess both a wealth of knowledge and of gold, but they are also adept in offensive magic and are formidable foes. The Hand Brotherhood's only place of operation is the Mages' Towers. The mages rarely leave the tower compound and the towers themselves are mainly used for their experiments. The Brotherhood is led by a mage council named "The Inner Circle". All the mages who are not part of The Inner Circle must answer to its members. Apart from the mages there are some other people residing in the compound as well. The Brotherhood has hired personal guards to take care of any security mishaps and a number of servants for utility services. None of these are allowed access to the elemental towers.

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