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Garrett holding a stolen bag filled with valuables, in the TDS intro sequence

Loot plays a major role in the Thief games, and is found in game levels, hidden, disguised or locked away.

Garrett needs to collect loot to make a living. Extra cash can be used to purchase weapons and tools from shops between missions.

Stolen loot (including money, oddly enough) is exchanged for cash on the Black Market, with available fences.

Expendable weapons can also be found as loot within game levels, often disguised into the environment much like other types of valuable loot. The respective weapon is added to Garrett's inventory, and is available for immediate use.


In Thief 1 and Thief 2, three types of loot exist. These have no actual relevance to the game, however.

  • Gold - anything predominantly made of precious metal, usually silver or gold
  • Gems - cloudstone, addonizio, diamonds, jewellery and other items made from them
  • Goods - anything which is valued for reasons other than their precious components, such as artifacts and expensive alcohol

In Thief: Deadly Shadows, the loot classes are changed slightly. No item can belong to more than one and each fence is only equipped to deal in two of them.

  • Metal - gold, silver, copper, coins, and other precious metals
  • Gems - rubies, emeralds, diamonds, jewellery and other items made from them
  • Artwork - things that have more collector value than material, including books and wine


In Thief: The Dark Project, Thief Gold and Thief II: The Metal Age finding loot was difficult as was camouflaged and hidden into the game levels.

Lucky Coins, T2

Ramirez Signet Ring, T1

Cloudstone, T1/T2

Opera Glasses, TG

In Thief: Deadly Shadows however, a sparkle was added to every piece of loot and a blue shine to every other item in the game making it much easier to spot and therefore, walk up to and pick up/steal.

When an item is stolen, its loot value is displayed in the corner of the screen, as shown below. Another welcome change is the addition of a total loot percentage for missions which updates with each newly stolen item.

Everyday loose Copper Coins, TDS

A common Silver Candlestick, TDS

A valuable Portrait, TDS

A rare Cat Statuette, TDS

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  • Black Market, Shops who deal in items, and Fences who deal in loot

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John P's Texture Pack for T3 typically removes the Loot glint, making gameplay as challenging as the previous Thief games. Players that prefer the light blue "selection" that appears over objects or loot should leave the "Glint" option unchecked at the time of Texture installation.

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