Private Guards
Also known as
Masters symbol, i.e. 'B' for Bafford, 'R' for Ramirez and etc.
Other Guards, City Watch, Servants, Lords of the House, etc
Thieves, Garrett, other intruders
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Here are listed all regular unnamed, generic human guards, working for a specific person, excluding thieves and the City Watch, that also do not belong to the Hammerites, Pagans or Mechanists.

For specific guardsmen, see Guardsmen.


The Guards are not really a faction, but still an element of the Thief world society. Employed by the Lord of the House, or some other boss, they are paid to patrol the inside or outside of the manor/building. They will attack and apprehend any thieves and intruders they come across, and run for backup when injured. In bigger estates or buildings, the boss or lord will have a personal bodyguard, usually a Captain. This captain may have a Lieutenant, who in turn may have a few Sergeants, who sometimes check up on the patrols.[1] Watch Sergeants may have helmets to prevent knock outs.

Guards can either be swordsmen or archers. They can come in a multitude of different colors.

On an interesting note, there are more women in the City Watch than privately owned guards. Even some Thieves talk about working with women.

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