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"Fanon" is information on the Thief World that did not come from set canon (For the main article, see Canon), but from the mind of a third-person party or parties.

Fanon in the Thief world is:

  • every piece of information that is connected to the original games, but does not appear in them, nor the unused game files, nor the editor, nor the early game design concepts, demos, and artwork
  • every idea or concept clearly or vaguely connected to the original games, that has not been included in the games themselves or been stated by any of the game designers
  • every piece of information that is invented by someone other than the game creators, and does not directly reflect the information found in the original games
  • every description of events, places or characters connected to the original games, made by someone affected by their feelings, imagination, beliefs or interpretation of the games
  • everything that is not Canon

The last line states the shortest and most correct description of Fanon. Fanon is everything that was not from set canon, only from third-person party or parties, including third-person modifications to any visual art, or custom created sound, speech, or text, third party game levels,and/or the simple interpretation of the games events and characters, inspired by the Thief Universe. Fanon, even though it has no place in the Thief lexicon, it has kept the fan community alive for over an entire decade.

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