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Fan Missions are additional missions to the thief games made by fans, called modders, instead of the original development team(s). They are made by fans for the enjoyment of other fans. Fan Missions are abbreviated as FMs and Official Missions, which are part of the original games, are unofficially called OMs.

As Fan Missions are made by fans the are not part of the official Canon but are Fanon.


To play Fan Missions it is required to have the original game (Thief: The Dark Project, Thief Gold, Thief II: The Metal Age or Thief: Deadly Shadows) for which they are made.

How to Play Fan Missions[]

Where to find Fan Missions[]

In general, these locations:

Additional links:

Current Amount of Available Missions[]

Which makes 1147 missions in total.



How to Make Fan Missions[]

How to Add a Fan Mission to the Thief Wikia[]

Fill in the form where TX is either T1, TG, T2, TDS or TDM and also leave the underscores _ and dash - (reload page if no form appears)


List of Fan Missions by Category[]

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