The City has different factions with different motives. In Thief: The Dark Project/ Thief Gold, Garrett eventually allies with the Hammers, and then in Thief II: The Metal Age, Garrett allies with the Pagans. In Thief: Deadly Shadows, Garrett can choose which factions he wants to ally with. Garrett can be aligned with both, but the factions will not get along with each other, as they are sworn enemies. The City Watch and Mechanists are always hostile to Garrett. As much as he wants to stay away from the Keepers, he eventually gets caught up in prophecy.


In Thief: Deadly Shadows, the player may befriend two "Factions" within The City. Although it doesn't affect the final outcome of the game, playing nice to the factions can make life easier for Garrett. After completing the first two missions for the Keepers, Garrett received notes from prominent members in the factions, saying that Garrett is currently an enemy, but there are things he could do to improve his standing and possibly become allied.

Factional reputation only takes effect while running around the City. During missions, everyone is hostile to Garrett, regardless of how nice they were just outside. Also, anything done to them in missions doesn't affect Garrett's factional standing outside.

There are three factional standings:

  • Hostile - Garrett is attacked on sight by any members of the faction.
  • Neutral - Garrett is not attacked on sight, but not allowed to enter the faction's headquarters
  • Allied - Garrett is allowed to enter and use the facilities of the faction's headquarters. When involved in battles on the street, typically with City Watch guards, members of the faction who are nearby might fight alongside Garrett. Typically seen near Fort Ironwood, Hammerite Guards will attack hostile Common Sword Guards with their powerful stone hammers. Likewise, the Pagans will attack any hostile guards near their Sanctuary located in the Auldale Public Gardens.


To increase standing, Garrett must:

To decrease standing:


To increase standing, Garrett must:

  • Find Pagan Cornerstones and fire Moss Arrows into them.
  • Find Elemental Cocoons - they're made of two white tusks and have small bulbs on them, found in Pagan bases - and fire any elemental arrows into them once per day.
  • Perform other special tasks for the Pagans.

To decrease standing:

  • Kill, harm, or knockout a Pagan.
  • Pickpocket Pagans or get caught stealing from any Pagan Camps.

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