There is a lot of content that goes into making a computer game and there are always bit and pieces which are removed either from the planning stage or as far as the final stages of the game. Thief is no exception to this and looking at this content can be very interesting for the observer.


Unused Orge from Dark Camelot (From the Circle)

Unused Orge Dark Camelot Model (Left), Dark Project Model (Right)

Unused Blur

  • See Better Red than Undead and Dark Camelot for early pre-thief work.
  • An Orge concept art from Dark Camelot has appeared with unused in-game models for both Dark Camelot and Thief: TDP. Looking Glass has shown this as art for 'The Dark Project', showing the amount of concert art overlap.
  • Cobrademon - Concept Art for the Cobrademon exists and it appears that the Cobra head trophy is based off the head of this creature.
  • Blur - Concept Art for the 'Blur' shows a naked hairless female who appears as a blurred 'distoried' glass or smoke like effect which making only the outline visible.
  • Spiderdemon - a Black widow inspired humanoid Spider. Textures for normal 'Spiders' in thief seam to show leftovers of this idea which was carried over to the Dark Project.

Thief: The Dark Project + Gold


Creatures and Items

Concept art of Original Bugbeast (from 'The Circle')

  • Original Bugbeasts (Named Bugdemon) appear Female and pink skinned. These were replaced with the Green unsexed bugbeasts. The Original model based on concept art appeared in the Thief Gold OM TG Blooper Reel.
  • Periscope Plant - A small plant with a periscope lens.
  • Albino Spider - A very large White skinned Spider.
  • Sweel - A cross between an Eel and a Rat which appears to be aquatic and lives in the sewers. Early Concept art calls this the 'Sewer Eel'.
  • Spectre - Appears to be a early version of the Apparition.
  • Clockwork Eye - appears to be a later version of the Periscope Eye crossed with an early version of the Mechanist Watcher.
  • Dice - A set of red Dice which are unused in-game.
  • Navigator's Compass - A semi-working compass which faces the direction the player is looking at.
  • Ramirez Sergeant - A stronger version of the Ramirez Sword Guard.


  • Courtyard - What appears to be a castle and courtyard.
  • Tower - What appears to be a small tower.
  • Maze - An large Maze which was believed to have been intended for the Maw of Chaos.


OM T1 Lord Bafford's Manor -

  • M2GINNY[1] - A message From Lord Bafford to Dominic about problems with Ginny (T1/G), Ramirez and Viktoria. Note the modern spelling of 'Victoria'.
  • M2TAX[2] - A message to Lord Bafford from Julian Friehalt about his Tax returns.
  • M2TIP1[3] - A Tip about entrance into Bafford's Manor via the Sewers.
  • M2TIP2[4] - A Tip about the number and quality of guards in Bafford's Manor.
  • Unused1[5] - Dialogue between two bored guards gambling.
  • Unused2[6] - Dialogue between two bored guards patrolling.
  • Unused3[7] - Dialogue between two guards about food.
  • Unused4[8] - Dialogue between two guards about 'Hal' and 'Joss' guarding the basement.
  • Unused5[9] - Dialogue between two guards about the well.

OM T1 Break From Cragscleft Prison -

  • Unused32[10] - Dialogue between two Hammerites about thieves.

OM T1 Down In The Bonehoard -

  • M4EDINE[11] - Plate text for the Edine family tomb.
  • M4QUINT[12] - A note by a Hammerite on completion of the Quintus Tomb.

OM TG Thieves' Guild -

  • M15accpay[13] - Original accounts for the Downwind Thieves' Guild. Later edited and Cut into 3 pieces. Mistake with the year on the 4th month was not corrected.
  • m15taffer[14] - A letter from one thief telling another not to steal Lord Randall's Sapphire Vase while giving hints on how to steal it.
  • Unused48[15] - Dialogue between two thieves about Garrett.
  • Unused49[16] - Dialogue between two thieves about a thief called Gibson and a Hammerite called Karras.

OM T1 The Haunted Cathedral -

  • M7MAPHAK[17] - Designer note during map construction.
  • The Keeper Map showing Talisman locations was changed for Thief Gold to reflect new locations.

OM TG The Mage Towers -

  • M16b02air[18] - A message from The Inner Circle of mages about Air Elementals.
  • M16b13open[19] - A note from the Inner Circle detailing how to access the Central Tower.
  • M16b14emerg[20] - A note from the Inner circle detailing the closure of the water tower.
  • M16b15lock[21] - Another note from the Inner Circle detailing how to open the Central Tower.
  • Fire, Air, Earth Towers plan[22] - An unused floor plan for three of the towers.

OM T1 The Lost City -

OM T1 Undercover -

  • M10TIP1[23] - A tip giving advice to hide your weapons on Temple grounds. In the final game, no system is in place to make Hammerites react to drawn weapons until Garrett goes attack.
  • The Talisman of Earth was removed from this level in Thief Gold and added to OM TG The Mage Towers.
  • Unused36[24] - Dialogue between Two hammerites about the dust since the renovation work.

OM T1 Return To The Cathedral -

  • M11TIP1[25] - A tip referring to the mechanical systems in the cathedral.
  • M11TIP2[26] - A tip referring to the healing font in the catherdral

Thief II: The Metal Age + Gold


Creatures and Items

  • Mechanist Robot Soldier - A robotic Soldier appearing only in early preview art.
  • Early Model previews seem to show the Combat Bot in the gold texture of the Worker Bot and the Worker bot in a light blue texture like, but not the same, as the final Combat Bot.
  • Concept art Exists of a more Spider like bot design with 2 heads. The boiler is only accessible when the bot is 'awake' and looking around.
  • Scurry Bot - A tiny bot much like a mix of Worker and Spider Bot exists but does not appear in-game. It is unable to attack.
  • Venom Blade/Dagger - A possible idea for a magic poison dagger was thought about. Not for use by Garrett but by Necromancers.
  • Necromancers - Possible AI for the mission 'Waking the Dead' would have featured two different types of Necromancer. Ones which were Mages, and ones with Daggers.
  • Ghoul - A possible idea of a 'Ghoul' created which is fast, reuses the ApeBeast mocaps, but with new sounds, fast claw attack, and 'eats the dead'
  • The Balmoraal - A demon with small non-functioning Wings. There would probably be a couple of these in the mission as Garrett cannot kill it, but needs to final a dead one to use one of its horns


  • 'Waking the Dead ' - Idea for a Necromancer mission for T2Gold. Would have featured the Venom Blade, Ghouls, Summing chamber with Demon. This would have featured The Book of Ash as well as ties to the Trickster, and the Mages. An outline for the Briefing has Viktoria send Garrett on a mission to destroy the Book of Ash because of the Mechanists interest in teaming up with the Necromancers. An alternative briefing was to have Garrett found out, after the fact, that he should have stolen the Book of Ash and now has to go after it. This mission was also known as 'Necromancer's Castle (early stages)' and possible placement was directly after 'Casing the joint'.
  • Raid at Willard Square - Idea for a mission for T2Gold, where the City watch cracking down on crime showing a more 'low down' section of the City. There appeared to be a problem with having a brothel in the mission.
  • 'College-University' - Idea for an undercover mission for T2Gold, with the Aristocracy. There appeared to have been an issue with why Garrett needs to go undercover in this mission. Appears to have been worked on by Mike Chrzanowski or Mike Ryan
  • Fallen Hammers - Idea for Hammerite mission for T2Gold. possible placement was directly after 'Masks'.
  • No One Lives Forever - not much is known about this mission for T2Gold. It may have been an possible name for 'Fallen Hammers'.[27]


OM T2 Running Interference -

  • Running2[28] - Dialogue about the Sheriff's new 'Mechanical men'. This appears to be a reference to the Mechanist Robot Soldiers.

OM T2 Framed -

  • Framed2[29] - Dialogue between a jailer and Pagan.

OM T2 Ambush! -

  • Ambush5 (Final line only)[30] - Final line where the 'Whore' invites the Officer to her place.

OM T2 Eavesdropping -

  • Eavesdropping1[31] - Dialogue between two mechanists.
  • Eavesdropping2[32] - Dialogue between two mechanists about Karras.
  • Eavesdropping4[33] - Dialogue between two former Hammerites turn mechanist.
  • Eavesdropping6[34] - Dialogue between two Mechanists about work.

OM T2 Trace the Courier -

  • Trace4[35] - Dialogue between an Officer and Rosie, the whore.

OM T2 Life of the Party -

  • Concept Map[36] - Concept Map for early version of the mission.

OM T2 Masks -

  • Masks1[37] - Dialogue between two guards, once of which appears to have dealt with Garrett before.
  • Masks3-7[38] - Lines by the new Mechanist Priest.

Thief: Deadly Shadows

Creatures and Items

  • Sound Suppressor - A high tech sound suppressor device.
  • Deer Trophy - A Deer's Head trophy which was untextued and unused in-game.
  • Bear Trophy - A Bear's Head trophy which was untextured and unused in-game.
  • P. B. Alcius - A subquest character who had blackmailed others and was due to be assassinated.
  • Brydecker's Signet Ring - A quest item used to show proof of P. Brydecker Alcius's assassination.


OM TDS Of Brethren... And Betrayers -


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