Thieves, Criminals
TG B16 04

Red Hand (black market), none
Other criminals/thugs (provisionally), none
First Introduced

Thieves, fences, and just general criminals are the bane of law enforcement, house guards, and innocent civilians alike. They can range from bumbling house breakers, to large organizations like the Downwind Thieves' Guild, to experts of the night like Garrett. They are not a homogeneous group, but thieves still pose a threat to all factions. To Pagans and the privately staffed guards, they are intruders. To the City Watch, they are criminals. To the Hammerites and Mechanists, they are heathens. Being that there is no honor amongst thieves, the risks of infighting are high.

It is interesting to note that there are more female thieves and Watch Officers than there are hired guards.

Most illegitimate shops and fences don't seem to bother each other. There is always a threat of a raid, so many have fake fronts. One fence too close to Fort Ironwood is disguised as a store for womens undergarments, for example.

Note that this category covers all criminals, from career burglars to common misdemeanors.

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