Caduca †
Keeper prophesies 05
First Introduced
Voiced by
Esra Gaffin(T2), Paula Rester(TDS)

Interpreter Caduca appears to be an old woman, who in the Keeper organization is in charge of reading and interpreting the Glyph Prophecies. The woman is younger than she looks, as the glyph interpreting has aged her rapidly,[1] an effect which limits the amount of knowledge and power any single Keeper can obtain from studying the Glyphs (thus limiting their power).[Fact Check] She replaced the aging Interpreter Diocen, who, even though she was blind, had the utmost confidence in her gift of interpretation.[2]

Prophecies are central to the Keepers' work, so Caduca plays a very important role in the organization, and even the Keeper leader listens to her advice.

Caduca first appears, along with Gamall, in Thief II: The Metal Age, during the first cutscene. She has the ability to read the prophecies through a golden light that manifests from the tip of her fingers when touching the glyphs, although she was able to read the books directly during Thief: Deadly Shadows. She plays a crucial role in Deadly Shadows, where she is killed by The Hag.


Caduca, seen from her balcony

In Thief: Deadly Shadows, it becomes known that it is due only to her interpretation of the prophecies that Garrett was not hunted down by the Keeper Enforcers after leaving the keepers during Thief: The Dark Project.[3]


'Caduc-' is a Latin root, standing for 'old', such as in the word 'caducous'.


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