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The lead from the Abysmal Gale has brought me here--to the captain's seaside mansion. Well, former captain. Ol' Moira and most of his crew didn't survive their final voyage, but luckily for me the ship's manifest did. It talked about a golden slab, which sounds like the Compendium of Reproach the Keepers have been looking for. The log said Captain Moira brought it home for safekeeping. I doubt he knew what he had--probably just wanted it for the gold. My stolen rowboat got me here in one piece. Now I just have to find and steal the Compendium. There's no way to know how many of the Captain's loyal men are guarding the place, but the household will probably be in an uproar over the captain's death. With luck, no one will notice me sneaking around. The Widow Moira might know where her late husband kept his treasures. Maybe I'll start by paying her a little visit.

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