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For once, Orland wasted no time. He framed me with that trial, and it didn't take the Keepers long to figure out I'd escaped from their prison cell. Now I'm on the streets of Old Quarter, and they've sent the Enforcers after me. Enforcers... Assassins is more like it. They're good, but I think I can get past them. First I need to find someplace safe...then figure out what to do next. My fence in this part of town, Ramien...might be my best bet, maybe my only bet. But Old Quarter's not a great place to be on the run. It's the oldest part of town...with narrow cluttered streets. The Hammers say the rest of the City just grew out and around it. They would know, this is a Hammerite district, and they probably built most of it. But never mind that...I've got real troubles. The Enforcers aren't human...not any more. The glyphs changed them somehow. And they've only got one hunt me down...and kill me.