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Orland's tunnel was right where I was told it would be. I haven't been in the Keeper Compound since my trial. It's a sprawling complex, right in the heart of the city, hidden by Glyphs. Orland has the Compound on alert, so they'll be armed and ready for intruders... ME that is. So much for working together. I know I didn't kill Caduca, but someone did, and my money's on Orland. He fixed the trial and sent the assassins after me, and the fallen clocktower points right to his office... Brethren and Betrayer suddenly makes sense. But suspicions aren't enough, so tonight I'll do some snooping. And if a little Keeper wealth ends up in my pockets ...all the better. Orland's place is on the top floor – no surprise, he's always liked looking down on people. Artemus has a room near the dormitories; I should search there, too. And I'd better check the scene of Caduca's murder. One last thing--the Keeper Council meets tonight. If I can stay awake, I might learn something.