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The Keepers are waiting for time to stop on its own. But I think their prophecy needs a little push. The Stonemarket Clock Tower is so tall you can see it all the way from Auldale. If there's a way to stop time, then this is it. I made it inside the tower, now I just have to figure out how to sabotage it. It's centuries old and they say its gears have killed more men than the City's guillotine. It'll be full of Hammerites, too--some of them spend their whole lives here maintaining it. They're not going to let me throw a wrench in their clockworks, not without a fight. I'll be making my way down from the top – with a little luck, along the way I can figure out how to turn the thing off. Let's just hope my way of dealing with the prophecies is more...productive... than the Keepers', or this could be a big waste of time.