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I had my fence take a look at Lord Julian's medallion. Perry says the crest belongs to the Rutherfords, one of the oldest so-called Great Families, with a castle in South Quarter and a street named after them. They've got a lot of wealth, and a nasty reputation for turning on each other. Based on that conversation I overheard, Julian is definitely carrying on the family tradition. Lord Ember, Julian's cousin, currently resides in the castle, and Julian wants revenge. Julian had a good plan -- hide inside a supply cart and ride in after dark. Then signal the cook to open the side door by putting out the lion's-head torch in the courtyard. A good enough plan for me to use myself. That ‘Bloodline Opal' sounds valuable, and it's better off with me than sitting around in their vault. But I can't get lazy -- Ember will have his personal guard, and doubtless a few other family tricks in store for anyone who comes after the opal.