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The Docks...the poor part of town...full of cramped tenements and surly residents. I wouldn't come here looking for a helping hand, but it's the right place to hire a few murderous thugs. Or for those who're in the market for something rare and exotic, precious imports from ships are stored here until they're moved to more wealthy districts. So the Docks can be a good place to rob... as long as you keep an eye out for fishy characters and, of course, the City Watch. The quarantine still has the Docks cut off from the other districts, but the Keeper Door Glyph got me past the gates. Working with the Keepers isn't all bad, I guess. And I have a hunch I'm in the right place to return the favor. If the Keepers are right, and there's a dark age coming... then Docks is where to start searching for it. It's about as dark as this city gets.