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The Halls of Echoing Repose

The Bonehoard, featured in the TDP//TG mission "Down In The Bonehoard", was a massive catacomb complex situated near The City. It was the biggest cemetery grounds in the whole of the City and its surroundings, and plots within it were purchased only by those in the upper tiers of society. Architecturally it was also one of the most marvelous works of the Order of the Hammer, though the tombs had eventually fallen into disrepair over the years.

Rich families could order tombs built by the Hammers for any of their relatives. Not only were the family tombs astonishingly designed, but the Hammerites also tended to construct secret traps in order to keep any treasure hunters at bay. There was serious interest among the Thieves in acquiring the untold riches inside Bonehoard. Both Adolpho and Felix had made expeditions into the Bonehoard, but both were unsuccessful in escaping.

The necropolis was huge, but only a few families made their afterlife residence there. The noblemen Edine and the merchant family Alarus had their own tombs situated in the south tombs of Bonehoard, as well as the Edine family. The Marad family tomb was situated in the famous Halls of Echoing Repose. In the north-west corner of Bonehoard lay the richest and most magnificent tomb, namely that of the Quintus family.

Due to recent ground shifting and earthquakes, the entrance to the Alarus tomb had collapsed, and the Edine tomb became inaccessible as well. The lower levels of the complex were flooded, leaving some graves completely below water level. Additionally, the shifting had allowed burricks to tunnel into the tombs.

The Bonehoard, being a cemetery ground, was haunted like most other graveyard areas around the City. The Undead behavior was variable, as they would be restless at one moment and at peace at others. The Hammers working in the past at the catacombs were constantly hearing distant moans and sometimes there were even clashes with the dead.[1]


A number of highly valuable artifacts were concealed in the Bonehoard. They were as follows:

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