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Description: A papyrus

Location: in Bafford's library

M18art location



Description: The scene behind the door not only shows the previous concept of the bugbeast, but presents some cool projectile collision effects

Location: Bafford's old bedroom on the second floor

M18bug location

Our final design for the bug beast, facing off against the 

original concept for the creature.


Description: The Burricks on the room, in front of the sign, throw gas from somewhere around their tails and instead of it going forewords, it goes backwards. Eventually one of the Burricks gets killed.

Location: the back side of the mansion, in the room where previously was a sleeping servant

M18burr location M18burr location2

The implementation of the gas-belching burricks ran into some 

trouble at first. No launch velocity 

and a failure to specify which joint the gas emitted from quickly led 

to the creatures "farting to death".


Description: What they say is true! When the button is pressed the mission ends.

Location: right behind Bafford's main gate

M18button location



Description: This shows a pervious concept for Cutty's position

Location: right after the north stairs to the second floor

M18cutty location

Trying to get your friend Cutty (from Cragscleft) to lie on the 

ground took more programmer and designer hours than you would believe - 

and it still never worked. Hours before the final shipping build, we gave up 

and made him stand.


Description: A note from the designers

Location: near Bafford small pool on the second floor

M18fire location

The default weight for many objects was 30 pounds. However, if 

the "heat disc" for a fire arrow (which makes the circular warping effect) 

had that weight, it would often bounce off your chest and knock you 

across the room, or even kill you.


Description: When the Gas Arrow is picked up and fired it stays in mid air. Then it can be picked up again (unless fired when moving, in which case it travels slowly in the direction of movement).

Location: in Bafford's library

M18gas location

Some projectiles, when given zero launch velocity, are odder 

than others.


Description: The note regards the red-blue-green-white texture

Location: near the starting point

M18jorge location M18jorge location2

This is "Jorge", our default texture. We made it as eye-catching 

as possible to keep us from accidentally shipping anything colored this way.


Description: A note from the designers

Location: in the throne room

M18pbox location

Had our renderer been able to manage mirrors, Thief players might 

have been startled to find that Garrett's image wasn't as impressive 

as the box cover art...


Description: When the player jumps in the pool, he will bounce oddly on the surface. If he tries to sink in he'll be pushed back up.

Location: near the big pool

M18pool location M18pool location2

Getting the correct buoyancy for the player in water took 

some work. Initial values caused players to sink like rocks or bob 

like corks.


Description: If you jump at this point it you will see, that parts of the walls are missing

Location: in the secret passage to the throne room

M18tunn location

Jump to see a bug we accidentally shipped with.