Bringing happiness to the lives of the common people by marking each hour of the work day with the tolling of a golden bell.
  — Lord Bafford, enscribed on The Stonemarket Bell

Lord Bafford
TG B02 02
Also known as
Bafford, Baffie
Lesser Nobility, Mechanist connections
Lord Bram Gervaisius, Houseguards, servants, other nobles
Intruders, Baron's 'inspectors'
First Introduced

Lord Bafford was a lesser nobleman, with strong connections to people higher in the hierarchy. Even though unlike his master Ramirez, Bafford had a nobility title, he was considered lower in the chain of command in The City. He owned a few gambling houses called Dreckboun, Sunnyfair and Fendon from which he gained profit.[1] Even though he had some serious illegal income, he tried to avoid paying his taxes to The Baron.[2] Raids by Hammerites had caused lost profits at his gambling dens, however. [3] He also had some foreign contacts outside The City through Grimworth and de Perrin.


Bafford was the owner of a Scepter that was purchased from Grimworth and de Perrin.[4] Garrett later stole the Scepter to sell to his fence, Cutty. A cut character, Gibson, had tried to steal the Scepter, but was caught.[5]

During Thief 2, He was invited, and went to the Mechanists' Party at Angelwatch, to receive a Masked Servant.[6]

Lord Bafford had a friendship with Lord Gervaisius. The two would often go hunting together.[7] Bafford introduced him to Lady Carina Veloden, at the Summer Solstice Soiree.[8]

Bafford had tried to sell Gervaisius a fake painting, who Bafford said was a prank. When Gervaisuis' Gardener left, he told the servants to find trees, suggesting to take them from Bafford, who would understand, because he owed him from the fake painting incident.[9][10]

Around the time of Thief: Deadly Shadows, Bafford is known to be suffering from gout. Samuel Fogerty writes to Bafford concerning this, and also to ask for money. [11]


Bafford had a sister, Lady Olivia. She is buried in Fort Ironwood and said to have been loved by many people.[12]

The Bafford Family donated funds (along with the Rutherford Family) to help the Wieldstrom Museum purchase The Crown. [13]

Bafford Family funds also paid for the Stonemarket Bell. [14]

A cut book in Thief: Deadly Shadows, called The Bafford Chronicles was in possession of The Keepers. Nothing is known about the book other than the name connection. [15]



  • Cedric - Captain of the Guard
  • Hal and Joss - two guards stationed in the basement


  • The Cook - becoming lackluster, cutting corners [16]



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