Azaran the Cruel was a mysterious necromancer residing in a spire in Dayport. He was originally a member of the Hand Brotherhood, but was banished for his interest in necromancy.

Garrett discovers the spire on his way to Angelwatch in the T2 mission "Life of the Party", by which time Azaran is no more than a skeleton. A message nearby spoke of his departure from the world of flesh, claiming his essence was "now forever preserved in the Plane of Earth, beyond the reaches of fear and fire," and cited the Book of Ash as facilitating his transcendence.[1] This note, in connection with the dagger beside his bed, implies that he took his own life, possibly in a fit of madness.

Experiments in NecromancyEdit

Azaran began his experiments in necromancy with the reanimation of rats and insects. He wanted to proceed further with his experiments, but to do so he required the Book of Ash, so, according to the Mages, he tried to recruit others for a crusade to recover it. The mages warned him of the dangers of the Book of Ash, but Azaran's ambitions blinded him to what it represented. The Hand Brotherhood's inner circle planned to take measures to prevent him from proceeding in his work.[2] It is unclear whether such steps were taken.


  • Azaran's reference to "the Plane of Earth" suggests he may have been an Earth Mage.
  • A Thief II Gold mission was to contain a scare mission about a group of necromancers like Azaran, but any connection he would have had to them is unknown.


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